Microsoft has been rather upfront with fans about short­ages of their Xbox Series X/S con­soles. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, they are say­ing the short­ages will last until sum­mer. Head of investor rela­tions, Mike Spencer, gave an inter­view with The New York Times, explain­ing the sup­ply would be lim­it­ed “at least through June.”

This isn’t so much of a sur­prise, espe­cial­ly since Microsoft CFO Amy Hood also recent­ly dis­cussed how the demand will con­tin­ue to exceed the sup­ply for the next-gen con­soles for quite some time.

Even with these short­ages, Microsoft recent­ly report­ed a $5 bil­lion rev­enue this last quar­ter for their Xbox divi­sion. This is a new all-time high in quar­ter­ly rev­enue, with Spencer con­firm­ing all Xbox units were sold dur­ing the sys­tem’s launch quar­ter. In turn, this helped to boost Xbox hard­ware sales by an aston­ish­ing 86% for that period.

AMD CEO, Lisa Su, recent­ly announced that the com­pa­ny (which sup­plies parts for both next-gen con­soles) is also fac­ing sup­ply short­age across the board. Su also con­clud­ed the short­age would last until the sec­ond half of 2021.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer spoke to Su direct­ly, in order to gauge the sit­u­a­tion and try to obtain more sup­ply as soon as possible.

It real­ly is just down to physics and engi­neer­ing. We’re not hold­ing them back. We’re build­ing them as fast as we can. We have all the assem­bly lines going. I was on the phone last week with Lisa Su at AMD [ask­ing], ‘How do we get more? How do we get more?’ So it’s some­thing that we’re con­stant­ly work­ing on, but it’s not just us. I think gam­ing has real­ly come into its own in 2020.”