Microsoft Discontinued Xbox One Production In 2020

While it’s inevitable that hard­ware man­u­fac­tur­ing for the old­er con­sole gen­er­a­tion will even­tu­al­ly end when a new one arrives, Xbox One’s end came much soon­er. Microsoft dis­con­tin­ued pro­duc­tion on the Xbox One S and Xbox One X just before the launch for the launch of the Xbox Series X|S, back in late 2020.

Senior direc­tor of Xbox con­sole prod­uct mar­ket­ing Cindy Walk­er affirmed to The Verge in order “To focus on pro­duc­tion of Xbox Series X|S, we stopped pro­duc­tion for all Xbox One con­soles by the end of 2020.” 

Although all con­sole com­pa­nies are fac­ing a sup­ply and demand issue due to the ever ongo­ing short­age of chips need­ed, Microsoft seems con­fi­dent it can meet demands for its Xbox Series S con­soles. It’s the $300 alter­na­tive for those who are can’t obtain (or don’t want) the Xbox Series X.

The Series S has the more afford­able price point, along­side mod­est inter­nal hard­ware, mak­ing it a far more viable option when com­pared to old­er con­soles (which have sim­i­lar prices).

What­ev­er Microsoft is doing is pay­ing off, as more than 12 mil­lion Xbox Series X|S con­soles have been shipped. Accord­ing to ana­lyst Daniel Ahmad, this dual SKU strat­e­gy was a bril­liant tac­tic that helped push consoles.

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