The Metroid series final­ly makes an arrival on Nin­ten­do Switch. As announced dur­ing its E3 2021 Nin­ten­do Direct, Metroid 5, offi­cial­ly named Metroid Dread, will head­ing to the Switch on Octo­ber 8th of this year. While it isn’t Metroid Prime 4, it should appeal to a sub­set of Metroid fans who have also been wait­ing for years for a new title.

Metroid Dread is the first new 2D Metroid title in almost two decades. This game will see Samus deal with a vari­ety of new robot threats known as EMMI. Like the remake Samus Returns, it’s made by Mer­curyS­team, and the game visu­al­ly looks sim­i­lar as a result. 

The robot is a research robot for the Fed­er­a­tion, so Samus’ weapons won’t work on the machine. So she must look for alter­nate options, like the Phan­tom Cloak to go invis­i­ble and get out of a bad situation.

Sim­i­lar to Metroid: Samus Returns for the 3DS, Metroid Dread also appears to be more action-packed than old­er entries. Free Aim and counter have been improved, and the slide is now one of Samus’ base abil­i­ties. Over­all, the expe­ri­ence will be smoother. Explo­ration will still be a big por­tion of the game, and there are brand-new abil­i­ties like the Spi­der Mag­net (allows latch­ing onto cer­tain walls).

Nin­ten­do is also sell­ing Ami­i­bo fig­ures based on Samus and an EMMI foe, which are releas­ing the same day as Metroid Dread. You can check those out below.

Pre­orders for Metroid Dread are also avail­able, with sev­er­al dif­fer­ent addi­tions as well as the Amiibos.