Metacritic’s Highest-Rated Publisher Of 2022 Was Sony

Accord­ing to Meta­crit­ic, Sony has been dubbed the top pub­lish­er of 2022 in its 13th annu­al Game Pub­lish­er Rank­ings list. Meta­crit­ic’s cri­te­ria for this list is based on aver­age Metas­core, a per­cent­age of games with good review scores of 75 and above, a per­cent­age of games with bad reviews scor­ing at 49% or below, and the num­ber of “great” games that man­aged to earn a Metas­core of 90 or higher.

PlaySta­tion released well-received games like God of War Rag­narok, Hori­zon For­bid­den West, and numer­ous PC ports of pop­u­lar game from its library, through­out 2022. Obvi­ous­ly, this pushed Sony to its num­ber one posi­tion, dethron­ing Microsoft which held the top spot in 2021. Microsoft isn’t even on this list as the com­pa­ny failed to meet one of the cri­te­ria para­me­ters. “Only pub­lish­ers with five or more dis­tinct titles released last year are includ­ed in our rank­ings,” Meta­crit­ic explained.

2022 was a bad year for Xbox regard­ing its exclu­sives. Starfield and Red­fall were delayed into 2023, with Obsid­i­an’s Pen­ti­ment being the only game inter­nal­ly devel­oped and released last year. Microsoft Gam­ing CEO Phil Spencer acknowl­edged Microsoft­’s lack of games in 2022, adding that 2023 would be a bet­ter year for the company. 

The full list of 45 pub­lish­ers, includ­ing big names like Nin­ten­do, Bandai Nam­co, and Ubisoft, can be seen below. As shared by Meta­crit­ic.

2Para­dox Interactive81.8
3Activi­sion Blizzard76.5
4Focus Enter­tain­ment80.0
5Take-Two Inter­ac­tive78.9
8Anna­pur­na Interactive79.2
9Hum­ble Games76.8
10Devolver Dig­i­tal78.3
11Red Art Games74.9
13Aksys Games77.2
16Raw Fury75.1
17Elec­tron­ic Arts74.9
18Digerati Dis­tri­b­u­tion75.0
19Plug in Digital72.1
20Spike Chun­soft74.2
21505 Games74.0
22XSeed Games73.7
23ININ/United Games74.0
24Bandai Nam­co72.5
26Square Enix73.1
29Arc Sys­tem Works71.3
32NIS Amer­i­ca71.7
33Saber Inter­ac­tive70.8
35Idea Fac­to­ry69.2
36Max­i­mum Games71.3
37THQ Nordic69.0
41No More Robots67.2
42Free­dom Games68.1
43Rata­lai­ka Games65.8
44Assem­ble Entertainment63.5
45PlayWay/Ultimate Games58.4
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