Play­ers can now decide the fate of the Broth­er­hood of Steel in the lat­est large update for Fall­out 76. Update 28, which brings the game to ver­sion, includes Steel Reign, the end of the game’s Steel Dawn expan­sion. The update is rather large and includes numer­ous oth­er changes, includ­ing the addi­tion of leg­endary craft­ing, a brand-new sea­son, and wal­let upgrades.

Play­ers may want to brush up on the events of Steel Dawn before begin­ning Steel Reign, as it kicks off right where Dawn end­ed. Quests for Steel Reign are only avail­able to play­ers over lev­el 20 who have fin­ished the mis­sion “The Best Defense.” Along­side a bunch of new quests, play­ers can also expect new items, includ­ing new suits of pow­er armor.

Out­side of the Broth­er­hood’s sto­ry update, play­er can also start forg­ing far more pow­er­ful weapons and armor with leg­endary craft­ing. This new craft­ing method can turn nor­mal items into one, two, or three-star rat­ed leg­endary items. Two new resources, Leg­endary Cores and Leg­endary Mod­ules, allows play­ers to re-roll attrib­ut­es on leg­endary items or even down­grade their ranking.

Leg­endary Cores can be found through­out the game’s world or earned in it’s 100 ranks in the fifth season.

The last major addi­tion with­in this update is to the wal­let. Play­ers will be get­ting more space for cur­ren­cies, now being able to hold 40,000 Caps, 10,000 Gold Bul­lion, and 5,000 Scrip. Ven­dors will also be get­ting a boost, with the dai­ly Bul­lion ven­dor lim­it increas­ing to 400, while Scrip lim­its dou­ble to 300.

You can check out the full set of patch notes below. Beware, it’s a lot to sift through.

Fallout 76 Version Patch Notes

Legendary Crafting

  • Using a new craft­ing com­po­nent, called Leg­endary Cores, along with a few Leg­endary Mod­ules, you can now craft “Leg­endary Upgrades” for your items.
    • Vis­it Weapon and Armor Work­bench­es, and then open the Mod­i­fy menu to get start­ed with Leg­endary Crafting.
    • You can earn Leg­endary Cores as rewards by com­plet­ing Sea­son­al Events, Pub­lic Events, and Dai­ly Ops.
    • As always, Leg­endary Mod­ules are avail­able from Pur­vey­or Murm­rgh in exchange for some Leg­endary Scrips.
  • You can craft 1‑, 2‑, and 3‑star Leg­endary Upgrades for your gear, and the mate­ri­als required to craft them increase based on the Leg­endary Upgrade tier you choose.
    • Apply­ing a Leg­endary Upgrade to a nor­mal item will turn it into a leg­endary ver­sion of that item, with 1, 2, or 3 ran­dom­ly assigned leg­endary attrib­ut­es, depend­ing on the tier of Leg­endary Upgrade you applied.
    • Apply­ing a Leg­endary Upgrade to an exist­ing Leg­endary Item can increase or decrease the num­ber of leg­endary attrib­ut­es that item has, again depend­ing on the tier of Leg­endary Upgrade you apply. Here are exam­ples of each option:
    • Upgrade: Mod­ding a 1‑star item with a 3‑star Leg­endary Upgrade will turn it into a 3‑star ver­sion of that item with 3 ran­dom attributes.
    • Down­grade: Mod­ding a 3‑star item with a 2‑star Leg­endary Upgrade will result in a 2‑star ver­sion of that item with 2 ran­dom attributes.
    • Re-roll: Mod­ding a 3‑star item with a 3‑star Leg­endary Upgrade replace all 3 of the exist­ing item’s attrib­ut­es and apply 3 news ones at random.

Legendary Power Armor

In addi­tion to weapons and nor­mal armor, Leg­endary Craft­ing can also be used to cre­ate pieces of Leg­endary Pow­er Armor.

  • Like weapons and armor, Leg­endary Pow­er Armor pieces can also be upgrad­ed, down­grad­ed, and re-rolled.
  • Vis­it any Pow­er Armor Sta­tion and mod­i­fy your favorite set of Pow­er Armor to apply some Leg­endary Upgrades.
  • The vast major­i­ty of Leg­endary attrib­ut­es that are avail­able to nor­mal armor can also be applied to Pow­er Armor, with the fol­low­ing exceptions:
    • 1‑Star
    • Auto-Revive: Chance to revive using a Stimpak
    • 3‑Star
    • Acrobat’s: Reduced fall damage
    • Improved Sneak­ing: Hard­er to detect while sneaking
    • Diver’s: Grants under­wa­ter breathing
    • Unyield­ing: +3 to all stats (except END) when low health
    • Weight­less: 90% less car­ry weight, does not affect that Chameleon mutation
    • Limb Dam­age: Reduced Limb Damage

Legendary Balance Changes

New Legendary Weapon Attributes

  • 1‑Star
    • Aristocrat’s: Dam­age increas­es as Caps increase. Max­i­mum of +50% dam­age at 29,000 Caps.
    • Juggernaut’s: Dam­age increas­es as Health increas­es. Max­i­mum of +25% dam­age at 95% health or above.
    • Gourmand’s: Dam­age increas­es as you fill your hunger and thirst meters. Max­i­mum of +24% damage.
  • 2‑Star
    • Last Shot: The final round in a mag­a­zine has a 25% chance to deal twice as much damage.
    • Sin­gle shot weapons, like Black Pow­der Rifles, can­not spawn with Last Shot.
    • Steady: +25% dam­age while stand­ing still
    • Iner­tial: Replen­ish 15 Action Points with each kill.
  • 3‑Star
    • Ghost’s: Attacks that hit ene­mies each have a 10% chance to gen­er­ate a Stealth Field.

New Legendary Armor And Power Armor Attributes

  • 1‑Star
    • Aristocrat’s: Ener­gy and Dam­age Resis­tances increase as Caps increase. Max­i­mum of +20 for each resis­tance at 29,000 Caps.
    • Overeater’s: Increas­es Dam­age Reduc­tion up to +6% as you fill your hunger and thirst meters.
  • 2‑Star
    • Glutton’s: Hunger and Thirst grow 10% slow­er. This effect stacks up to a max­i­mum of +50%.
    • Fire­proof: +25 Fire Resistance
    • Warm­ing: +25 Cryo Resistance
    • Hardy: Receive 10% less dam­age from explosions
  • 3‑Star
    • Doctor’s: Stim­paks, Rad­Away, and Rad‑X are 5% more effective.
    • Burn­ing: 5% chance to deal 100 Fire dam­age to melee attackers
    • Elec­tri­fied: 5% chance to deal 100 Ener­gy dam­age to melee attackers
    • Frozen: 5% chance to deal 100 Cryo dam­age to melee attackers
    • Tox­ic: 5% chance to deal 100 Poi­son dam­age to melee attackers
    • Dis­si­pat­ing: Slow­ly regen­er­ate Radi­a­tion dam­age when out of combat.

Legendary Weapon Attribute Changes

  • 1‑Star
    • Assassin’s: Increased dam­age vs. Humans from +10% to +50%.
    • Berserker’s: Removed the dam­age debuff when Dam­age Resis­tance is 80 or high­er. The dam­age buff when Dam­age Resis­tance is between 1 and 60 has been slight­ly reduced.
    • Exterminator’s: Increased dam­age vs. Mire­lurks and Bugs from +30% to +50%.
    • Ghoul Slayer’s: Increased dam­age vs. Ghouls from +30% to +50%.
    • Hunter’s: Increased dam­age vs. Ani­mals from +30% to +50%.
    • Mutant’s: Updat­ed func­tion­al­i­ty. Dam­age now increas­es by +5% per Muta­tion that affects the char­ac­ter, up to a max­i­mum of +25%.
    • Mutant Slayer’s: Increased dam­age vs. Super Mutants from +30% to +50%.
    • Noc­tur­nal: Removed day­time debuff. Night­time dam­age buff has been increased.
    • Suppressor’s: Dam­age reduc­tion applied to the tar­get has been buffed from 20% for 3 sec­onds to 25% for 5 seconds.
    • Troubleshooter’s: Increased dam­age vs. Robots from +30% to +50%.
    • Zealot’s: Increased dam­age vs. Scorched from +30% to +50%.
  • 2‑Star
    • Basher’s: Increased bash­ing dam­age from +40% to +50%.
    • Hitman’s: Increased dam­age while aim­ing from +10% to +25%.
    • Enhanced VATS: Increased the VATS hit chance from +33% to +50%.

Legendary Armor Attribute Changes

  • 1‑Star
    • Assassin’s: Now reduces dam­age tak­en from all humans by ‑15%.
    • Noc­tur­nal: Removed day­time debuff. Dam­age and Ener­gy Resis­tances now increase by +10% per piece of Noc­tur­nal armor dur­ing nighttime.

New Vendor: Minerva

A Blue Ridge Car­a­van Mer­chant named Min­er­va has just arrived in Appalachia, and she’s ready to trade a selec­tion of cov­et­ed item plans in exchange for your Gold Bullion.

  • Min­er­va will arrive dur­ing two new events, Minerva’s Empo­ri­um and Minerva’s Big Sale.
    • Minerva’s Empo­ri­um runs Mon­day to Wednesday.
    • Minerva’s Big Sale is a spe­cial dis­count event that runs Thurs­day to Monday.
  • The items that Min­er­va has avail­able will rotate reg­u­lar­ly, so be sure to check in with her when­ev­er she’s in town! Her wares include Gold Bul­lion Plans that are nor­mal­ly only avail­able from oth­er Gold Bul­lion Ven­dors, or by com­plet­ing Dai­ly Ops.
    • Min­er­va is no slouch when it comes to mak­ing sales! She wants your busi­ness, and she’s offer­ing dis­counts on Gold Bul­lion plans so that you’ll buy direct­ly from her.
    • When Min­er­va arrives, she will set up shop at one of three set­tle­ments: Fort Atlas, Foun­da­tion, or The Crater.

New Meat Week Rewards

We’ve added in some new rewards for Meat Week, which will be return­ing on August 17 – 23.

  • Plan: Pep­per Shaker
  • Plan: Gro­cery Cart Grill
  • Plas­tic Fruit Wreath
  • Plas­tic Fruit Bowl
  • Decoy Duck Set

Additional C.A.M.P. Slots And S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Loadouts

You can now acquire addi­tion­al C.A.M.P. Slots and S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Load­outs from the Atom­ic Shop; these addi­tion­al Slots and Load­outs are in addi­tion to the two that all play­ers have by default.

  • You can unlock an addi­tion­al three C.A.M.P. Slots for a total of five Slots
    • C.A.M.P. Slots are priced at 1000 Atoms per unlock.
  • You can unlock an addi­tion­al thir­teen S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Load­outs for a total of fif­teen Loadouts
    • S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Load­outs are priced at 500 Atoms per unlock.
  • Slots and Load­outs unlocked from the Atom­ic Shop are avail­able to all cur­rent and future char­ac­ters on the unlock­ing Account.
  • Both Slots and Load­outs are found in the Account cat­e­go­ry of the Atom­ic Shop

Improvements And Bug Fixes

Armor And Power Armor

  • Armor: Fixed an issue that could cause a “Serv­er Not Respond­ing” error when being saved by Life Sav­ing Armor.
  • Back­packs: Addressed an issue where play­ers could wear a Back­pack or use reg­u­lar armor while in Pow­er Armor.
  • Fusion Cores: Addressed an issue where play­ers may lose a Fusion Core when enter­ing and exit­ing Pow­er Armor.
  • Paint: The Nuka-Dark Pow­er Armor paint now changes the name of the Pow­er Armor Pieces when applied.
  • Paint: The Yukon 5 paint now dis­plays on the left arm and leg when in the inspect and trans­fer menus for the T‑45 Pow­er Armor.
  • Pow­er Armor: Fixed an issue where Pow­er Armor pieces with 100%+ Con­di­tion would not appear in the Mod­i­fy Menu of a Work­bench, unless they were attached to a chassis.
  • Pow­er Armor: Dupli­cat­ed Pow­er Armor pieces with Super Duper perk no longer caus­es mul­ti­ple armor pieces to be equipped simultaneously.
  • Stim­paks: Using a Stim­pak quick­ly while exit­ing Pow­er Armor no longer caus­es move­ment issues.

Art & Graphics

  • Mov­ing Tar­get: Fixed the ani­ma­tion for the foil perk card.
  • Stairs: The art for the name “Nuka-Cola” on the C.A.M.P. Nuka-Cola Stairs has been adjusted.
  • Vault Fire­place: Fixed an issue where the Vault Fire­place was not cast­ing light.

C.A.M.P & Workshops

  • C.A.M.P. Slots: Ven­dor and Shel­ter icons now remain greyed out while switch­ing active C.A.M.P. Slots.
  • Fer­til­iz­er Pro­duc­er: Brah­min spawned by the Fer­til­iz­er pro­duc­er can no longer be killed by C.A.M.P. owners.


  • Com­bat: The Mete­oric Sword and Plas­ma Cut­ter now cor­rect­ly count towards the “Kill Scorched with a Sword” Challenge.

Daily Ops

  • Blood Eagles: Ene­mies with Pow­er Fists will no longer have the Ice­break­er Pow­er Fist Paint applied to their weapons.


  • Buck­ing Brah­min Ride: Now cor­rect­ly requires play­ers to hold the inter­act but­ton to activate.
  • Back­packs: The Broth­er­hood of Steel Back­pack skin now cor­rect­ly has an Atom­ic sym­bol in the Armor Workbench.
  • Ceil­ing Lamps: The Stained-Glass Nuka-Cola Ceil­ing Lamps no longer emit light in an unnat­ur­al direction.
  • Emotes: Removed the Roman Can­dle Emote from the Atom­ic Shop.
  • Enclave Intel Offi­cer Uni­form: Adjust­ed the craft­ing preview.
  • Fridge: Sort­ing by val­ue now works for items stashed in the fridge.
  • Fridge: Items in the Ice­box Refrig­er­a­tor no longer occa­sion­al­ly appear on Dis­play items.
  • Fusion Cores: Being hit by a Freez­er Floater attack now drains Fusion Cores the cor­rect amount.
  • Gar­ra­han Employ­ee Out­fit: Fixed an issue caus­ing the Gar­ra­han Employ­ee Out­fit to clip while exit­ing a Weapons Workbench.
  • Hedge Fences: Changed the build­ing require­ments to Wood instead of Concrete.
  • Hedge Fences: Fixed an issue where Hedge Fences could float.
  • Hedge Fences: Improved the snap­ping behav­ior of Hedge Fences.
  • Hot Tub: The Hot Tub no longer shares a build lim­it with the Fire Pit.
  • Hot Tub: Play­ers can now soak in the Hot Tub with a friend.
  • Icons: The “Feel­in’ Fine” Icon now dis­plays prop­er­ly when equipped.
  • Mag­a­zines: Tales from the West Vir­ginia Hills mag­a­zines are not num­bered consistently.
  • Man­nequins: Items from the Appar­el cat­e­go­ry no longer show in the Armor tab in the Man­nequins trans­fer menu.
  • Nuclear Key Card: The descrip­tion of the Nuclear Key Card in the Atom­ic Shop has been corrected.
  • Pip-Boy: The Broth­er­hood of Steel Pip-Boy paint now prop­er­ly adjusts the name of the Pip-Boy when applied.
  • Raider Pathfind­er Out­fit: Fixed the gap between back­packs and the Raider Pathfind­er Outfit.
  • Signs: Ven­dor Signs will now cor­rect­ly appear in the Floor Decor work­shop menu instead of Wall Decor.
  • Skee­to Spit: “Increas­es Thirst” is no longer repeat­ed on the item description.
  • Train set: The Train set no longer con­tin­ues to play sounds after pow­er is removed.
  • Waste­land Gong: Now cor­rect­ly requires play­ers to hold the inter­act but­ton to activate.
  • Wood Branch Chan­de­lier: Lights no longer appear bright red when not powered.
  • Wood Branch Chan­de­lier: Adjust­ed the light­ing range.


  • All Lan­guages: Cor­rect­ed the dis­play name of the Skull Lord War Suit in all non-Eng­lish languages.
  • All Lan­guages: Atom­ic Shop bun­dles with long lists of items are no longer get­ting truncated.
  • All Lan­guages: Fixed a num­ber of Leg­endary Weapons and Armor descriptions.
  • French: Some radio announce­ments that were play­ing in Span­ish, now cor­rect­ly play in French.
  • Holotapes: The Overseer’s log no longer plays out­dat­ed VO in French, Ital­ian, Ger­man and Spanish.
  • Ital­ian: Fixed a num­ber of incor­rect announce­ments from the Grafton Mayor.


  • Gen­er­al: Decap­i­tat­ed NPC’s will no longer respawn their heads when play­ers check their inventories.
  • Gen­er­al: Dam­age num­bers are now present when explo­sives are used to kill creatures.
  • Mole Min­ers: Fixed an issue where Mole Min­ers would attack with melee, despite hav­ing ranged weapons.
  • Moth­man: Play­ers can now head­shot Moth­man out­side of VATS.


  • Class Freak: Fixed an issue where Class Freak would not reduce neg­a­tive effects as expected.
  • Dodgy: Dodgy now cor­rect­ly con­sumes AP on each con­sec­u­tive hit.
  • Elec­tric Absorp­tion: Elec­tric Absorp­tion now works with Laser type weapons.
  • Born Sur­vivor: Fixed an issue where the Born Sur­vivor Perk would acti­vate after a play­er char­ac­ter died.

Performance & Stability

  • Con­trol Lock: Pur­chas­ing bun­dles while in the Build Menu no longer can cause a con­trol lock.

Quests & Events

  • Pri­mal Cuts: Ene­my corpses are no longer dis­in­te­grat­ed when using plas­ma or laser weapons.
  • Prop­er­ty Rights: The Objec­tive mark­er will no longer fail to appear if the play­er has already entered the Makeshift Vault before speak­ing to Knight Shin about the Raiders.


  • Serv­er Room: Clut­ter items in the Serv­er Room Shel­ter can no longer be looted.


  • Lights: Cage Bulb Lights and its vari­ants no longer pro­duce a Christ­mas Gift pick­up sound effect when activated.
  • Refrig­er­a­tors: Sounds effects for Open­ing and Clos­ing refrig­er­a­tors now cor­rect­ly play.
  • Toys: The Cym­bal Mon­key in the Uncan­ny Cav­erns now plays a sound.

User Interface

  • Favorites: Fixed an issue caus­ing the Favorites Wheel to occa­sion­al­ly reset on login.
  • Map: The Map now updates faster when items are added or removed from a vendor.
  • Pip-Boy: The back­grounds for the Trade and Trans­fer win­dows are now aligned with the items list.
  • Pip-Boy: Claimed items from the Score­board are now added to the “NEW” tab in the Pip-Boy.


  • Aim­ing: Addressed an issue where play­ers could become stuck in the Aim posi­tion when sprint­ing, aim­ing and fir­ing after the char­ac­ter enters a relaxed state.
  • Ammo: Fusion and Plas­ma cores are now cor­rect­ly con­sumed if they are stored before being fired.
  • Cry­olater: The Cry­olater can no longer freeze play­ers who are not engaged in PvP combat.
  • The Invad­er: Removed the sec­ond “No Upgrade” Slot on the Invad­er skin.
  • Flamer: Vault-Tec Flamer skin now cor­rect­ly changes the name of the Flamer when applied.
  • Gatling Plas­ma Gun: The Cop­per­head paint now cor­rect­ly adjusts the name of the Gatling Plas­ma Gun when applied.
  • Gam­ma Gun: The Gam­ma Gun now does the cor­rect dam­age when not using the charg­ing mod.
  • Gauss Pis­tol: Swap­ping to the Gauss Pis­tol and quick­ly charg­ing, no longer pre­vents it from firing.
  • Gen­er­al: Weapons with Area of Effect dam­age now take the prop­er amount of con­di­tion damage.
  • Gen­er­al: Addressed an issue where mag­a­zine sizes could be swapped with heavy-weapon magazines.
  • Gen­er­al: Fir­ing is no longer inter­rupt­ed when aim­ing down sights in third-per­son view with scoped auto­mat­ic weapons.
  • Gen­er­al: Fixed an issue where play­ers could get locked into an ani­ma­tion while using auto melee weapons.
  • Grenades: Play­ers can now throw grenades while shoot­ing in third-per­son view.
  • Meat Cleavers: Now scrap for the cor­rect amount of materials.
  • Melee: Pow­er Fist and Box­ing Gloves can now prop­er­ly receive eli­gi­ble Tier 2 Leg­endary Mods.
  • Melee: Base­ball Bats and Sledge­ham­mers now cor­rect­ly change names when mods are applied.
  • Shish kebab: Extra Flame Jets now dis­play the cor­rect mod description.


  • AMS Head­quar­ters: Play­ers can no longer get stuck in an elevator.
  • Anchor Farm: The Water Puri­fi­er in Anchor Farm can no longer be destroyed.
  • Mor­gan­town High­school: Addressed an issue where room light flick­er­ing occa­sion­al­ly caused floor tex­ture issues.
  • Val­ley Gal­le­ria: Fixed a spot where play­ers could walk out of world.
  • White­spring Bunker: Papers inside the White­spring Bunker have been updat­ed to say that This­tles give flux when nuked.