Mass Effect Leg­endary Edi­tion had a new patch released today, bring­ing a bunch of adjust­ments to the remas­tered tril­o­gy. Some fix­es include issues that were pre­vent­ing tro­phies and achieve­ments from pop­ping, turn­ing on lights in cer­tain pre-ren­dered cutscenes, and improved PC performance.

Each game has seen a range of fix­es, from gen­er­al upkeep to some slight rebal­anc­ing. Mass Effect now has improved eye ani­ma­tions for male char­ac­ters in some scenes, while audio vol­ume on Mass Relay load screens has been low­ered. Also, max cred­its that can be car­ried over to Mass Effect 2 have been reduced for ear­ly game pro­gres­sion balance.

One of the more notable adjust­ments is Mass Effect 2’s red­eye prob­lem from its Over­lord DLC as well as an issue in Mass Effect 3 where some key char­ac­ters were not show­ing up as they should dur­ing the Citadel DLC. You can check out the full patch notes below.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition June 7 Update


  • Eng­lish spo­ken dia­logue can now be select­ed sep­a­rate­ly from sub­ti­tle language
  • Resolved issues with unlock­ing some achievements/trophies, such as the Para­mours or kill count trackers
  • Cor­rect­ed pre-ren­dered cutscenes that were dark­er than intend­ed after the pre­vi­ous update
  • Wire­less headsets/devices no longer cause issues with the Xbox launcher
  • Improved PC per­for­mance across var­i­ous hard­ware con­fig­u­ra­tions, includ­ing on Virmire
  • Fixed an issue on PC where non-stan­dard char­ac­ters in the oper­at­ing sys­tem’s user­name would pre­vent the game from launching
  • Removed the depen­den­cy on the AVX instruc­tion set in the launcher
  • Oth­er minor cal­i­bra­tions and fix­es, includ­ing some instances of crashing

Mass Effect

  • Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed play­ers from reach­ing the max level
  • Fixed an issue where tier VII Spec­tre — Mas­ter Gear was inaccessible
  • Var­i­ous col­li­sion improvements
  • Fixed an issue that would pre­vent the abil­i­ty to inter­act with objects
  • Low­ered audio vol­ume on Mass Relay load screens
  • Improved eye ani­ma­tions for male char­ac­ters in some scenes

Mass Effect 2

  • Toned down the inten­si­ty of fog on Illium
  • Fixed an issue where a char­ac­ter’s eyes at the end of the Over­lord DLC were unin­ten­tion­al­ly red
  • Reduced the max cred­its that can be car­ried from Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2 down to 100k for more bal­anced ear­ly-game progression
  • Cred­it car­ry­over max­i­mum now match­es car­ry­over from the orig­i­nal release
  • Posthu­mous bank­ing fees are a lot! It’s a great way to dodge taxes.

Mass Effect 3

  • Resolved an issue where Eng­lish dia­logue no longer played dur­ing the Citadel DLC for Ger­man and Ital­ian localization
  • Fixed an issue where some key char­ac­ters weren’t appear­ing as intend­ed dur­ing the Citadel DLC