Mass Effect Andromeda Trophy List Leaked

Mass Effect Androm­e­da’s PS4 Tro­phy list has been leaked via Exophase

The list does con­tain minor spoil­ers for the sto­ry and should be avoid­ed if you wish to play the game with­out spoilers.

Most of the tro­phies are fair­ly nor­mal such as kill 2,000 ene­mies, revive team­mates 25 times, and com­plete sto­ry events. There are a few infor­ma­tive tro­phies such as Match­mak­er, Peak Con­di­tion, Kit­ted Out, Top Tal­ent, and Craftsmanship.

From these tro­phies it is clear Bioware sees mul­ti­play­er as more than just an add-on and believes Mass Effect Androm­e­da has replaya­bil­i­ty. Many of the tro­phies offer mul­ti­play­er alter­na­tives which indi­cate they had mul­ti­play­er gamers in mind or at the very least want­ed peo­ple to play it. Oth­er tro­phies are men­tioned to apply to mul­ti­ple playthroughs such as Match­mak­er (com­plete 3 romances). This shows either con­fi­dence that gamers will have mul­ti­ple char­ac­ters or it is attempt to fur­ther incen­tive mul­ti­ple playthroughs.

Mass Effect Androm­e­da launch­es March 21st for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Bronze Trophies

  • Fire­works: Per­form 100 pow­er combos.
  • Ter­mi­na­tor: Kill 2000 enemies.
  • Death From Above: Kill 100 ene­mies while hov­er­ing (sin­gle-play­er).
  • Close Com­bat Spe­cial­ist: Kill 100 ene­mies with melee attacks.
  • With Our Pow­ers Com­bined: Det­o­nate 10 tar­gets that were primed by a team­mate (sin­gle-play­er).
  • Pin­point Shot: Hit 250 ene­my weak points while using a scope (sin­gle-play­er).
  • Medic!: Per­form 25 revivals on teammates.
  • Mas­ter­mind: Using con­structs, kill 100 enemies.
  • Ice­break­er: Shat­ter a frozen ene­my with a jump melee attack (sin­gle-play­er).
  • Fast­ball: Hit an ene­my with a thrown ene­my 25 times (sin­gle-play­er).
  • Rough Land­ing: Det­o­nate a trip mine with a thrown ene­my (sin­gle-play­er).
  • Friend­ly Fire: Direct your Rem­nant VI to attack each kind of Rem­nant ene­my (sin­gle-play­er).
  • Trap­shoot­er: Hit 25 float­ing ene­mies with Con­cus­sive Shot, Lance, or Incin­er­ate (sin­gle-play­er).
  • Suck­er Punch: Use a melee attack to hit 25 float­ing ene­mies (sin­gle-play­er).
  • Pyrotech­nics Expert: Light three ene­mies on fire with one con­tin­u­ous Flamethrow­er attack (sin­gle-play­er).
  • Long-Dis­tance Jump: Trav­el at least 30m in a sin­gle jump (sin­gle-play­er).
  • Match­mak­er: Com­plete romances with three dif­fer­ent char­ac­ters across all playthroughs.
  • Van­guard Sur­prise: While cloaked, hit an ene­my with a Charge attack (sin­gle-play­er).
  • Hang Time: Keep the Nomad air­borne for 35 seconds.
  • APEX: Com­plete the mul­ti­play­er mode tuto­r­i­al mission.
  • Explor­er: Com­plete a com­bined five strike team mis­sions or APEX extrac­tions in mul­ti­play­er mode.
  • Acti­va­tion: Acti­vate the Rem­nant city.
  • Fam­i­ly Con­nec­tions: Reboot the Pathfinder.
  • Lib­er­a­tion: Free the salari­an ark.
  • Foothold: Estab­lish an outpost.
  • Exal­ta­tion: Destroy the exal­ta­tion facil­i­ty or save the angaran prisoners.
  • First Steps: Meet the angara on Aya.
  • Alliance: Ally with an out­law faction.
  • Pathfind­er: Become the new Pathfinder.
  • Ini­ti­at­ed: Gain access to the Tempest.
  • World-Shaper: Acti­vate the first Rem­nant vault.
  • Buc­ca­neer: Recov­er the kro­gan colony ship.
  • Build­ing Bridges: Stop the Roekaar leader.
  • Unit­ed: Unite the out­posts against a com­mon threat.
  • Help­ing Hand: Help Vetra’s sister.
  • Sig­nal Track­ing: Find the source of the strange sig­nal Pee­bee discovers.
  • Role Mod­el: Res­cue the asari ark.
  • Full Ros­ter: In sin­gle-play­er mode, recruit all six squadmates.
  • First Con­tact: Land on an alien planet.
  • Full Pow­er: Evolve one tech, one com­bat, and one biot­ic pow­er to Rank 6 (sin­gle-play­er).
  • Almost There: Reach Lev­el 25 in sin­gle play­er mode or Lev­el 15 in mul­ti­play­er mode.
  • Team­work: Cre­ate six strike teams or earn 25 assist medals in mul­ti­play­er mode.
  • Top Tal­ent: Pro­mote a strike team to Lev­el 20.
  • Jack Of All Trades: Equip three dif­fer­ent pro­file types.
  • Ter­raformer: Increase a dis­cov­ered plan­et to 100% viability.
  • Crafts­man­ship: Craft armor or a gun with three augments.
  • Data Min­ing: Scan 100 dif­fer­ent objects.
  • Cryp­tog­ra­ph­er: Com­plete 20 Rem­nant puz­zles in a sin­gle playthrough.

Silver Trophies

  • Vet­er­an: Suc­cess­ful­ly com­plete a com­bined 25 strike team mis­sions or APEX mul­ti­play­er mode extractions.
  • Mis­sion Accom­plished: Acti­vate Meridian.
  • Peak Con­di­tion: Reach Lev­el 40 in sin­gle-play­er mode or Lev­el 20 in mul­ti­play­er mode.
  • Kit­ted Out: Kill a foe with a Rank 5 weapon in a sin­gle-play­er game or equip a Rank 10 weapon in multiplayer.
  • High Per­for­mance: Unlock Rank 6 for each sin­gle-play­er pro­file type, or obtain a Lev­el 6 mul­ti­play­er bonus stat.

Gold Trophies

  • Unwa­ver­ing: Com­plete an “Insan­i­ty” sin­gle-play­er game, or 5 “Gold” mul­ti­play­er extrac­tions from any firebase.
  • All Clear: Increase all dis­cov­ered plan­ets to 100% viability.

Platinum Trophy

Androm­e­da’s Finest: Col­lect all trophies.

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