Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Coming In 2023 To PS5, Second Marvel Game From Insomniac

Devel­op­er Insom­ni­ac Games announced Mar­vel’s Spi­der-Man 2 dur­ing the PlaySta­tion Show­case. The game got an extreme­ly soft release date of 2023, for PS5.

Spi­der-Man 2 also got a new trail­er. In it, both Peter Park­er and Miles Morales can be seen work­ing togeth­er to take down some bad guys. Mean­while, a nar­ra­tor can be heard ask­ing if any­one will give him the chal­lenge he desires. Short­ly after­wards, Ven­om appears.

Obvi­ous­ly, fans were extreme­ly excit­ed. Spi­der-Man 2 takes place after the events of both Mar­vel’s Spi­der-Man and Mar­vel’s Spi­der-Man: Miles Morales. How­ev­er, it remains to be seen how long before.

The 2023 is rather sur­pris­ing win­dow, con­sid­er­ing Insom­ni­ac has been pump­ing out games at a crazy pace. The stu­dio released Mar­vel’s Spi­der-Man in 2018, both Mar­vel’s Spi­der-Man: Miles Morales and Spi­der-Man Remas­tered in 2020, as well as Ratch­et & Clank: Rift Apart in 2021. Insom­ni­ac is also work­ing on a Wolver­ine game. That’s quite a bit of work.

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