It was announced in a new trail­er, that Mario par­ty 10 will be released on the Wii U in North Amer­i­can on March 20. 

Some new fea­tures detailed were a new ami­i­bo Par­ty mode that can be used with a new set of ami­i­bos based on the Super Mario series that include Mario, Lui­gi, Peach, Yoshi, Bows­er and Toad. Play­ers will be able to use exist­ing ami­i­bos that they used with Super Smash Broth­ers, but you will have to erase exist­ing data on the ami­i­bo to use it with Mario Par­ty 10. The actu­al game mode will have unique stages with ami­i­bo fig­ures being the game pieces. The trail­er also showed more game­play of the Bows­er game mode that was shown at last year’s E3.