Mario Movie Cast Revealed; Includes Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, And Jack Black

As part of Nin­ten­do Direct this Sep­tem­ber, Nin­ten­do announced the main voice cast and release date for the Super Mario ani­mat­ed movie–in pro­duc­tion with Illu­mi­na­tion Enter­tain­ment. Chris Pratt, Anya Tay­lor-Joy, Char­lie Day, and Jack Black are among the num­ber of actors star­ring the the film.

The movie (which was announced years ago) will debut on Decem­ber 21st, 2022 in North Amer­i­ca. Release date for oth­er parts of the world will be announced at a lat­er date. Don’t expect to see any footage of the film just yet, but like­ly with­in the next six to eight months.

You can check out the full voice cast below, as well as who their char­ac­ters will be:

Mario Movie Cast:

  • Chris Pratt as Mario
  • Anya Tay­lor-Joy as Princess Peach
  • Char­lie Day as Luigi
  • Jack Black as Bowser
  • Fred Armisen as Cranky Kong
  • Kevin Michael Richard­son as Kamek
  • Sebas­t­ian Man­is­cal­co as Spike
  • Kee­gan-Michael Key as Toad
  • Seth Rogen as Don­key Kong
  • Charles Mar­tinet in “sur­prise cameos”
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