Major Ark Patch With A Ton Of Fixes

Stu­dio Wild­card is on the home stretch of its ear­ly access title, Ark final­ly reach­ing its retail release date. Ark has had some pret­ty rough times with per­for­mance and bugs that are com­mon in ear­ly access titles, But this one is actu­al­ly head­ed to retail release.

Today the first patch in a series of patch­es to get Ark ready for retail was released and boy is it is doozy. Check out the notes below, If you want to read the Offi­cial Ark Com­mu­ni­ty forum post­ing it will be linked under the patch notes.

One Time Play­er Respec Applied To All Characters

- New Item: Tek Tape­jara Saddle!
New Skill: Craft­ing Skill! Replaces Craft­ing speed. Craft­ing Skill increas­es craft­ed blue­print qual­i­ty by up to a 64% mul­ti­pli­er on bonus stats for 100 points into Craft­ing Skill. The item then dis­plays your name and your tribe name and indi­cates what per­cent bonus you received when craft­ing. It still increas­es the rate at which you can craft items, as well as grants high­er stat ben­e­fits from cook­ing cus­tom recipes.
New Fea­ture: Corpse Loca­tor! Upon death, a beam of light shoots into the sky to help the play­er locate where they died. Enabled on Offi­cial Servers by default. Add bUseCorpseLocator=true to your Game.ini for serv­er use.
New Host Option: Dis­able Struc­ture Place­ment Col­li­sion! Unof­fi­cial Servers and sin­gle-play­ers can enable this fea­ture to allow them to place struc­tures that clip into ter­rain. Add bDisableStructurePlacementCollision=true to your Game.ini for serv­er use.
New Host Option: Use Sin­gle­play­er Set­tings! When enabled, this edits all game set­tings to be more bal­anced for an indi­vid­ual play­er expe­ri­ence. Add bUseSingleplayerSettings=true to your Game.ini for serv­er use. This is auto­mat­i­cal­ly enabled for Non Ded­i­cat­ed servers too, you can dis­able it in your host menu set­tings, or set the ini to false.
New Host Option: Fast Decay! Enable this option for a fixed con­stant decay peri­od for “Fast Decay” struc­tures (such as pil­lars or lone foun­da­tions). Add Fast­De­cay­In­ter­val (default is 43200) to your Game.ini for serv­er use.
— New kill, death, speech, and talk­ing icons added.
— Imple­ment­ed hiber­na­tion from con­sole to PC, which intro­duces over 500MB saved in mem­o­ry for spawn­ing dinos.
— Fixed graph­i­cal issue with crops appear­ing massive.
— Fixed play­er rag­dolls becom­ing mal­formed when falling from great heights.
— Fixed play­er get­ting stuck in rocks/trees/structures when log­ging out in sin­gle player.
— Fixed dino spawn­ing issues in sin­gle play­er that caused over-spawn­ing of cer­tain crea­tures over time and issue where spawns were becom­ing depopulated.
— Fixed sin­gle play­er set­tings via the slid­er from resetting.
— Fixed Baby­Cud­dleIn­ter­val­Mul­ti­pli­er set­ting via the host menu.
— Fixed traps not work­ing after a game/server restart (bear traps, species Y traps, nar­cot­ic traps, alarms).
— Fixed var­i­ous light­ing issues on The Island and The Center.
— Fixed low land­scape LODs on both the Cen­ter and the Island when using low view­ing dis­tance (cer­tain land­scape will stream in bet­ter qual­i­ty from fur­ther away, e.g. skull island on the Center).
— Improved war paint on female mod­el around the hairline.
— Fixed issue where play­er appeared to be float­ing above the sad­dle when board­ing a dino while crouching.
— Fixed elec­tri­cal cables appear­ing unpow­ered when reload­ing a sin­gle-play­er game.
— Fixed issue where log­ging out in sin­gle-play­er while hold­ing a shield showed the play­er hold­ing two shield on relog.
— Fixed Explor­er Note sorting.
— Fixed ATV from repeat­ed­ly honk­ing when leav­ing and enter­ing ren­der distance.
— Changed the Tribe Man­ag­er to have Tribe Log high­light­ed by default when using a controller.
— Fixed grap­pling hook being enlarged when shoot­ing at a Large Stor­age Box.
— Col­orized boss health bars to indi­cat­ed boss difficulty.
— Added fea­tured to allow play­ers to set the light lev­el of their lamps.
— Changed sta­t­ic mesh of Plant Species X to remove sway­ing and fir­ing ani­ma­tion to reduce client FPS drops.
— Added on-screen indi­ca­tor icon when struc­ture place­ment is in rotation-mode.
— Fixed issue where the cook­ing pot pro­vid­ed infi­nite dye.
— Buffs that pre­vent fir­ing (such as the shock buff) now cause the play­er to low­er their weapon.
— Made Alt-Fire on the paint­brush now “Paint Yourself”.
— Added new live ver­sions of all in-game music.
— Fixed issue in sin­gle­play­er where log­ging out with a tool equipped caused the inven­to­ry to lock up.
— Imple­ment­ed kill zone under the sea floor.
— Fixed Sup­ply Crate SFX to always be audible.
— Fixed issue where respawn ani­ma­tion was not play­ing in singleplayer.
— Added new music stingers when you tame a creature.
— Increased range of boss music in the arenas.
— Obelisks in sin­gle­play­er/non-ded­i­cat­ed now have each boss spawned from a spe­cif­ic obelisk. Trans­fers can only be done via the obelisk.
— Days are now 25% longer. Night time remains unchanged.
— Tribe own­er­ship set­tings now default to Per­son­al­ly Owned in sin­gle­play­er/non-dedi.
— Fixed issue that caus­es sit­ting on a chair on a plat­form sad­dle not to cal­cu­late play­er tem­per­a­ture and loca­tion appropriately.
— Fixed issue where being uncon­scious would cause the play­er not to receive lava damage.
— Tek rifles now stop work­ing in thunderstorms.
— Hom­ing rock­ets no longer tar­get your own turrets.
— Mind­wipe ton­ic can now only be applied once per lev­el up.
— Stat decrease of blue­prints from fishing.
— Removed all cur­rent fish­ing rods.
— Reduced max fish size that is catch­able with a fish­ing rod with: Hon­ey to 2.2, Leech Blood to 1.88, and Sap to 0.94.
— Reduced fish­ing rod effec­tive­ness by 35%.
— Increased Lio­pleu­rodon loot qual­i­ty buff by 20%.
ATV engram is avail­able in sin­gle­play­er after reach­ing max ascension. 
— Fixed issue where walk­ing through elec­tri­cal cables and pipes would cause the cam­era to move around in unin­tend­ed ways.
— Fixed issue where feed­ing trough was not updat­ing spoilage timers.
— Fixed issue where the play­er could get stuck inside doors by clos­ing the door on themself.
— Removed boss are­na and Tek Cave timers in non-dedicated.
PVE no-build func­tion­al­i­ty has been removed from non-dedi.
— Slight­ly increased dif­fi­cul­ty of the Cav­ern of Lost Faith.
— Pre­vent­ed reg­u­lar dinosaur gate­ways from sup­port­ing behe­moth gates.
— Added final stat­ted items to loot crates.
— Fixed can­vas not being vis­i­ble when placed on Tek walls.
— Added lots of crys­tal, obsid­i­an, and rich met­al to all caves except the Tek Cave.
— Re-added met­al to the vol­cano, approx­i­mate­ly 70% of its pre­vi­ous resources.
— Added cat­e­gories for maps in the host menu.
— Added an alter­nate engram points per lev­el array to non-dedi.
— Fixed issue where wood­en cages would heal them­selves when picked up.
— Fixed issue where play­er could wield a riot shield and chain­saw at the same time.
— Decreased mut­ton effec­tive­ness by 20%. (addi­tion­al changes to the Kib­ble sys­tem to come)
— Re-bal­anced speed gained per play­er lev­el up.
— Fixed not being able to sit in chairs/benches when placed too close to a table.
— Increased radius of house buff by dou­ble. Also flagged gate frames as walls which allows them to give the indoor buff.
— Fixed issue where dinos placed in cages would float upwards and glitch out of the cage.
— Fixed an issue where play­ers could not walk inside of fall­en red­wood trees.
— Cor­rect­ed spec­i­men implant col­ors after ascending. 
— Obelisks now save inven­to­ry in singleplayer.
— Boss bio­mes no longer hear time of day tran­si­tion sounds
— Fixed frozen vac­u­um cham­ber walls show­ing as win­dows in local­ized clients
— Reduced Club effec­tive­ness scal­ing with qual­i­ty by 55%.
— Updat­ed Sweet Veg­gie Cake recipe to require Giant Bee Hon­ey as a craft­ing ingredient.

Dino Spe­cif­ic Changes:

- Fixed issue where dino attacks could not do dam­age under low serv­er FPS.
— Fixed the dino flee­ing mechan­ic so that dinos should no longer run into walls endlessly.
— Fixed the dino flee­ing mechan­ic so that dinos should attempt to run towards the play­er and not towards water, pre­vi­ous­ly caus­ing them to tor­por out in water and drown. In the case where the dino can­not reach the play­er, it may still end up run­ning towards water via pick­ing a ran­dom direction.
— Fixed issue with Thy­la­coleo, Kapro­suchus, Mega­losaurus, and Tuso where when attack­ing, the crea­ture was able to force the tar­get under world geom­e­try and make them unrideable/unmovable.
— Rebal­anced speed gained per tamed lev­el up on all dinos.
— Fixed issue where uncon­scious play­er could be pushed through ter­rain by a Kaprosuchus.
— Fixed issue where Tuso could grab through Ice­berg geometry.
— Fixed issue where babies were con­sum­ing less food when floating. 
— Fixed issue where babies were con­sum­ing more food than intend­ed as they tried to regain health. Regain­ing health no longer costs food for babies.
— Changed all crea­ture names to use their long form.
— Made Troodons scared of light sources. 
— Raised Ptero sad­dle lev­el require­ment to 38.
— Added dam­age scalers to Trike and Stego which makes them more resis­tant to damage.
— Increased Parasaur sta­mi­na by 50% and increased its speed in water.
— Increased Angler light radius underwater.
— Decreased amount of fall dam­age for tamed Giga’s.
— Made Moschops eas­i­er to tame.
— Increased insu­la­tion abil­i­ty of Dimetrodon.
— Fixed fur cap on Mesopithecus.
— Fixed San­ta hat on Gallimimus.
— Fixed align­ment of met­al water taps on pipes.
— Rebal­anced Equ­us sad­dle cost.
— Reduced the gath­er rates of the Therizino.
— Reduced base dam­age of wild and tamed Gigas.
— Fixed issues with Ovis and Ken­tro where their baby/egg would fall through the floor.
— Crea­tures will no longer drown when they are encumbered.
— Fixed an issue where fish did not appear in Low­er South Cave (Cave 1).
— Removed piran­ha spawns from the shal­low pools in the redwoods.
— Decreased wild Carno dam­age by 15%.
— Reduced Ter­ror­bird spawns in the redwoods.
— Removed Titanosaur spawn from Her­bi­vore Island.
— Fixed issue where bee­hives were stack­ing on top of each other.
— Wild Ichthy­or­nis HP reduced by 50%.
— Added HUD noti­fi­ca­tion for Pego­mas­tax when it is not pickpocketing.
— Added HUD mes­sage for Ichthy­or­nis steal­ing, and for Ichthy mak­ing you drop your weapon.
— If a tamed Yutyran­nus has carno fol­low­ers, the fol­low­ers now prop­er­ly attack the same target.
— Fixed issue where rid­ing on a Phiomia/Carbonemys caused the play­ers size to increase by twice the nor­mal size. 
— Added func­tion­al­i­ty to allow the Gigan­to­p­ithe­cus to gath­er fiber using the ‘C’ key.
— Added cooldown to Tuso so that it’s ink abil­i­ty can­not be spammed.
— Increased Trilo­bite spawns to be more com­mon in shal­low areas.
— Made it so that Fer­til­ized eggs do not count towards the egg count in the giv­en area. This was caus­ing fer­til­ized eggs to be laid and the dino to go on breed­ing cooldown but no actu­al egg was laid.
— Increased unsta­sis range on Trilo­bites, Eurypterids, and Ammonites.
— Deep Ocean Coel added, with increased unsta­sis range and bias towards being larg­er sized.
— Land crea­tures now only receive 50% of their reg­u­lar addi­tion­al speed increase while swim­ming (does not include Spino or amphibians).
— Fixed dung bee­tles not pro­cess­ing fer­til­iz­er cor­rect­ly after serv­er restart.
— Pre­vent­ed Pego­mas­tax from attack­ing when the play­er has noth­ing it can steal. 
— Added 30s cooldown after the play­er is stolen from unless the play­er attacks the Pego, in which case it will ignore the cooldown.
— Pre­vent­ed Pego­mas­tax from rob­bing same-team.
— Fixed issue where pas­sive tames would not resume eat­ing after being knocked out and even­tu­al­ly starve.
— Increased SFX dis­tance for Ichthy­or­nis and Hesperornis.
— Fixed the Egg Hatch­ing bar from dis­ap­pear­ing in sin­gle­play­er when relogging.
— Fixed issue where tor­por stat for new­ly tamed dinos was not dis­play­ing correctly.
— Fixed issue where sta­sis was reduc­ing the food con­sump­tion of dinos.
— Hyaen­odon tam­ing now scales prop­er­ly with tam­ing serv­er settings.
— Reduced turn­ing speed of tames by 0.5s their cur­rent speed when they are in com­bat, so crea­tures like the Man­ta and Ptero can turn fast enough to prop­er­ly attack.
— Enabled pack buff to tamed Kentros.
— Increased dura­tion of Giga roar.
— Fixed Quet­zal plat­form not being paintable.
— Added Spin­osaur roar.
— Added miss­ing eat­ing ani­ma­tions and sounds for crea­tures (should all have a prop­er ani­ma­tion now! Still have a few more eat­ing sounds to add).
— Pre­vent­ed baby Thylacoleo’s from spawn­ing on red­wood trees when born.
— Improved land­ing AI for Quet­zal and Wyvern.
— Fixed an issue where fly­ers out of sta­mi­na would not auto-land and would get stuck in the air.
— Fixed Mega­losaurus breed­ing to pre­vent babies from needing/going to sleep.
— Fixed Thy­la­coleo from always roar­ing when com­ing out of stasis.
— Fixed Thy­la­coleo from assum­ing a “super­man” pose when jump­ing on a sur­face it couldn’t climb.
— Fixed Thy­la­coleo from get­ting into a state where it would walk for­ward with­out play­er input.
— Fixed serv­er crash caused by Thylacoleo.
— Reduced tail col­li­sion on medi­um and large creatures.
— Fixed babies from ‘grow­ing’ into the ground over time as they aged.
— Improved log­ic to min­i­mize Sar­co tails from grav­i­tat­ing towards ceilings.
— Fixed Move To whis­tle com­mand to work after dis­mount­ing a dino if the dino is in a group, also now plays prop­er animation.
— Fixed the play­er from tak­ing dam­age while rid­ing on a Grif­fin in singleplayer.
— Added Grif­fin icon and lev­el up animation.
— Fixed the spy­glass not func­tion­ing prop­er­ly while fly­ing on the Griffin.
— Fixed issue where the Grif­fin gained unin­tend­ed speed when equip­ping a weapon.
— Fixed an issue where dinos could aggro tur­rets even though no dam­age was being done.

These are very wel­come fix­es. A lot of them I have per­son­al­ly been wait­ing for to come to Ark. I am VERY excit­ed to see what future changes and fix­es bring. We run a ded­i­cat­ed Ark Playsta­tion 4 serv­er and these changes bring some much need­ed fix­es to bugs with imprint­ing with increased mat­u­ra­tion rates that have been pre­vent­ing peo­ple play­ing on unof­fi­cial servers from legit­i­mate­ly imprint­ing the dinos they breed.

The con­sole ver­sions of this patch are expect­ed tomor­row, Fri­day June 23rd 2017.

If you want to check out the offi­cial Ark patch notes post­ing, head over to the offi­cial Ark Com­mu­ni­ty Forums.

Any of you fel­low sur­vivors excit­ed for these changes and fix­es com­ing to Ark?

TheLegendOfTaco is a guy who plays games and streams them, He also writes about them. He has been known to make his grandma laugh. Avid Computer Geek and Lesbian. He has a soft touch and is a gentle lover. Follow Us On Twitter @FixTheMeta

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