All of Mafia 3’s sto­ry expan­sions have been out­lined and giv­en a release window.

The first expan­sion Faster, Baby will be com­ing at the end of March. It will include a new lin­ear sto­ry where Lin­coln and Roxy Laveau try to take down a cor­rupt Sher­iff.  An entire­ly new area of New Bor­deaux will be intro­duced with the expan­sion. This time around the game­play will be cen­tered around “fast cars, dra­mat­ic chas­es, and epic stunts”.

Stones Unturned will be the sec­ond expan­sion and launch­es in May. This time an old rival from Lin­col­n’s days in the Viet­nam War comes into town. Lin­coln and CIA agent John Dono­van then work togeth­er to bring down this mer­ci­less rival. 

The last plan DLC will be Signs of the Time which launch­es in July. A series of rit­u­al­is­tic killings ter­ror­ize New Bor­deaux.  Nat­u­ral­ly, at the request of Father James, Lin­coln decides to hunt down the per­son or per­sons respon­si­ble for the killings. 

While there are no fur­ther details, devel­op­er Hang­er 13 states there will be more infor­ma­tion in the com­ing weeks on Mafia 3’s first sto­ry expansion.