Its Been A Long Week In Destiny 2, Here is What You Need To Know

Des­tiny 2 looked like it was going to keep play­ers hap­py for a long time to come, then peo­ple actu­al­ly got to play it and the issues and com­plaints are pil­ing up. Every­thing from crash­es to raid cheeses and the lack of end game has been trou­bling play­ers since launch, For­tu­nate­ly Bungie has acknowl­edged  some of these issues and we might have some fix­es on the way.

Its Been A Long Week In Destiny 2, Here is What You Need To Know

There is an issue with Guardians being met with a black screen as they load in to the tow­er. Bungie has­n’t announced a per­ma­nent fix nor when one is com­ing, but they have out­lined a cou­ple of poten­tial work arounds while the try to get to the bot­tom of the issue. If you have expe­ri­enced this issue Bungie says to try to access anoth­er activ­i­ty by access­ing the direc­tor before going to the tow­er, If that does­n’t work you can also try clos­ing Des­tiny 2 and relaunch­ing it.

Its Been A Long Week In Destiny 2, Here is What You Need To Know

Anoth­er issue play­ers have been talk­ing about is the lack of end game in Des­tiny 2. After you have com­plet­ed your week­ly mile­stones, Night­fall and Raid there is no rea­son to keep play­ing. Any Guardian who is at the endgame point of the game will tell you that hop­ping on Des­tiny 2 for a cou­ple hours on Tues­day after reset will leave you with noth­ing to do for the rest of the week. Bungie has acknowl­edged the end game com­plaints of play­ers in its lat­est week­ly update post in its forums.

Right now, these dis­cus­sions are also hap­pen­ing in our stu­dio,” “We are lis­ten­ing, but need time to digest every­thing and draw up the best plans for the future. We will have more to say on this soon. Please stay tuned, and keep the con­ver­sa­tion rolling.” - Bungie Com­mu­ni­ty Man­ag­er Cozmo

The next endgame activ­i­ty, The pres­tige ver­sion of The Leviathan raid was delayed right before it was released to play­ers as Bungie had dis­cov­ered a cheese that could be used to stop ene­mies from spawn­ing dur­ing the final seg­ment of the raid. The Pres­tige mode of the raid has already been delayed once until Octo­ber 18th and it seems that delay was for no rea­son. Bungie stat­ed they are unable to get the exploit fixed by Octo­ber 18th but will still release Pres­tige mode any­way as they do not want to again leave end game guardians with noth­ing to do.

Des­tiny 2’s first Iron Ban­ner cru­cible event is under­way and that has also been rid­dled with prob­lems. Many play­ers feel the iron ban­ner is no dif­fer­ent than any oth­er cru­cible event. Just like in reg­u­lar Cru­cible and Tri­als Of The Nine the Iron Ban­ner also dis­re­gards pow­er lev­els mak­ing all play­ers equal pow­er. This is upset­ting because it gives play­ers no rea­son to play through Des­tiny 2 and get stronger.

Hope­ful­ly Bungie fix­es the issues the com­mu­ni­ty has with Des­tiny 2 and gives us more to do, I am one of those guardians who has ran out of stuff to do.

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