Life Is Strange: True Colors Arriving September 10th

Dur­ing the Square Enix Presents stream­ing event, the pub­lish­er revealed it next addi­tion to the Life is Strange series, titled Life Is Strange: True Col­ors. It is set launch on Sep­tem­ber 10th for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Sta­dia. The game is being devel­oped by Deck Nine. Right now, pre­orders are avail­able for True Colors.

It is like­ly that True Col­ors will not be a main­line entry for Life is Strange, but will be more along the lines of Before The Storm. This game was also devel­oped by Deck Nine and was released between Dontn­od Enter­tain­men­t’s Life Is Strange and Life is Strange 2. Zack Gar­riss, the game’s direc­tor, said True Col­ors start­ed devel­op­ment in 2017, so Deck Nine has been work­ing on it since the launch on of Before The Storm.

At its heart, this is a game about empathy–about how we con­nect to each oth­er,” Gar­riss said. “The sto­ry is dri­ven by a com­plex mys­tery, with super­nat­ur­al ele­ments all brought to life by an incred­i­ble cast.”

In True Col­ors you play as Alex Chen, who is trav­el­ing to Haven Springs (not Life Is Strange 2’s Haven Point) to reunite with her broth­er, Gabe. The two haven’t seen each oth­er in eight years. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, Gabe sud­den­ly dies, but Alex real­izes his death is no acci­dent and there is more to Haven Springs than what meets the eye. 

What I love most about Alex is she’s this smart, resilient young woman who, at the start of the game, has already weath­ered a real­ly dif­fi­cult life in the fos­ter care sys­tem,” Alex’s voice actor Eri­ka Mori said. “But she still has this hope for the future–that some­where, she can find a place to call home.”

Like pre­vi­ous titles, Alex pos­sess­es a super­nat­ur­al abil­i­ty: Empa­thy. This is not to be con­fused with the low­er­case ‘e’ empathy.

In Life Is Strange: True Col­ors, Alex’s power–or ‘curse,’ as she calls it at the start of the game–is an unpar­al­leled empa­thet­ic abil­i­ty: the psy­chic pow­er of Empa­thy,” Mori said. “It allows her to expe­ri­ence the emo­tions of oth­er char­ac­ters around her, but it’s also a volatile pow­er that can bleed into and take over her own emo­tions if she’s not careful.”

This pow­er is a key part of the game and very much under your con­trol,” Gar­riss adds. “And there are plen­ty of oppor­tu­ni­ties to use your pow­er as you freely explore the streets and spaces of Haven Springs.” In the trail­er, Alex is seen tap­ping into oth­er char­ac­ter’s emo­tions to bet­ter under­stand what they’re feel­ing and think­ing. Upon approach­ing a per­son, you can get a glimpse of their gen­er­al emo­tion­al state by the col­or of their aura. Pur­ple seems to indi­cate fear, red — anger or frus­tra­tion, blue equates to sad­ness, and so on.

There’s also a musi­cal ele­ment includ­ed to True Col­ors, since Alex is a musi­cian. How­ev­er, Alex won’t be voiced by Mori dur­ing these musi­cal scenes, mxm­toon will step in when Alex is singing instead. “As a long-time fan of Life Is Strange, being even a small part of this uni­verse, and of Alex, means the absolute world to me,” she said.

Ture Col­ors is step­ping away from the typ­i­cal Life Is Strange for­mu­la. The game is throw­ing out the fran­chise’s episod­ic release for­mat. It will also fea­ture a semi-open world with option­al con­tent (like roman­tic inter­ests). It’s also the most visu­al­ly-advanced game in the series.

Our exten­sive cast of char­ac­ters is at the heart of every moment of the game and for the first time, they’re ren­dered using full per­for­mance cap­ture technology–captured and ani­mat­ed here in-house at Deck Nine,” Gar­riss said.

Mak­ing this the most visu­al­ly-advanced entry in the series, and the true next gen­er­a­tion of Life Is Strange,” Mori added.

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