Leakers Of Pokémon Sword And Shield Info Have To Pay Nintendo For Damages

Court doc­u­ments which were recent­ly filed for Nin­ten­do’s case against two fans–who leaked infor­ma­tion on Poké­mon Sword and Shield in 2019–has revealed that a set­tle­ment has been reached in favor of the Japan­ese com­pa­ny. The fans were orig­i­nal­ly accused of steal­ing trade secrets from Nin­ten­do by pho­tograph­ing an unre­leased strat­e­gy guide for the afore­men­tioned Poké­mon titles.

The doc­u­ment also unveiled that one of the defen­dants was work­ing at LSC Com­mu­ni­ca­tions, the com­pa­ny that print­ed the guides for Poké­mon Sword and Shield. This employ­ee took pho­tos, which were then sent to a group chat. This lead to the sec­ond defen­dant, who decid­ed to post the pho­tos to Discord.

The set­tle­ment Nin­ten­do will receive is $300,000, with each defen­dant respon­si­ble for pay­ing $150,000 to The Poké­mon Com­pa­ny. This is for dam­ages, legal fees, and oth­er costs.

Of course, this was not the only leak before Poké­mon Sword and Shield­’s release. A 4chan info-dump includ­ed accu­rate details on both games six months before their launch. Ear­ly game­play also made its way online before the offi­cial review embar­go was lift­ed, result­ing in that pub­li­ca­tion being per­ma­nent­ly black­list­ed by Nintendo.

Nin­ten­do is noto­ri­ous for pro­tect­ing its intel­lec­tu­al prop­er­ties, and will use legal action against those who infringe on the com­pa­ny’s copy­right. Nin­ten­do recent­ly won a law­suit against RomU­ni­verse. The own­er of the ROM-host­ing site was ordered to pay $2.1 mil­lion in dam­ages to Nintendo.

Nin­ten­do has two upcom­ing Poké­mon games, with the Poké­mon Dia­mond and Pearl remakes arriv­ing in Novem­ber, while Poké­mon Leg­ends: Arceus will launch short­ly after­ward in Jan­u­ary 2022.

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