Last Chance To Play Nioh Before Release

Nioh the Souls-like samu­rai action game cur­rent­ly has a lim­it­ed time demo. The demo begun today and will end after the week­end on Jan 23. 

Those who play the demo will gain rewards at launch depend­ing on what they accom­plish. Fin­ish­ing the Main Mis­sion will give the play­er the Ogress Head­gear. Com­plet­ing the hard­er Twi­light Mis­sion will grant play­ers the Mark of the Strong and the Mark of the Con­queror. To keep the Ogress Head­gear save data from the tri­al will be need­ed while both Marks will require a DLC down­load that also need to be kept until the full release.

While com­pared often to the Souls series, Nioh has a num­ber of dif­fer­ences that set it apart. Beyond the obvi­ous Japan­ese set­ting and inspi­ra­tions, Nioh also dif­fers great­ly in game­play. The two largest dif­fer­ences are the Ki and Stance sys­tems. Ki, the equiv­a­lent of sta­mi­na, can always be regained quick­ly by a well-timed but­ton press after using any amount of Ki. Play­ers can also gain less Ki but recov­er it faster by acti­vat­ing recov­ery ear­li­er. The three Stances (low, mid, and high) affect Ki use and have oth­er unique prop­er­ties. Each Stance has dif­fer­ent com­bos, skill trees, and uses dif­fer­ent amounts of Ki.

For a quick overview of oth­er dif­fer­ences the PlaySta­tion Blog has a short arti­cle. The offi­cial Nioh page also has an overview of the com­bat and the game as a whole.

Nioh releas­es Feb­ru­ary 7 exclu­sive­ly for PlaySta­tion 4. 

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