July Xbox Update: Here’s What’s New Today

Dur­ing Microsoft­’s 2018 E3 con­fer­ence they announced a new sys­tem improve­ment called Fast­Start. Today, that new fea­ture is avail­able for all Xbox One users. This update also has a few changes to Mix­er, along with oth­er anoth­er new fea­ture and oth­er adjustments.

FastStart Enabled for Select Titles



This is the new fea­ture shown dur­ing Microsoft­’s E3. It allows Xbox One play­ers to load up cer­tain titles twice as fast. Play a down­load­ing game with just a frac­tion of it com­plete. Fast­Start tar­gets what files are need­ed to play a title and down­loads those first, so you can play while the rest fin­ish­es in the back­ground. Just find the title you want to play in the Fast­Start cat­a­log and hit “Down­load”. Select Eng­lish lan­guage titles in the Xbox Game Pass list will now be enabled with Fast­Start. Microsoft did say they plan on expand­ed to more games and languages. 

Group Your Games and Apps

July Xbox Update: Here's What's New Today

Xbox fans have been ask­ing for bet­ter orga­ni­za­tion for their games and apps for some time. Today, there’s a new enhance­ment to Pins, called Groups. This allows play­ers to cre­ate mul­ti­ple col­lec­tions of con­tent made up of any­thing from My Games & Apps. You can assign cus­tom names to each Group, orga­nize and order them, and add indi­vid­ual Groups to Home. Groups are tied to you Xbox Live account, so they’ll sync across mul­ti­ple Xbox One consoles. 

More Search Options 

Search­ing has become a lot faster and eas­i­er. Now press­ing the Y but­ton any­where in the dash­board brings up the search dia­log. This allows you to launch you con­tent, look through set­tings and find prod­ucts in the store. Can’t find what you’re look­ing for? Hit enter or click the “more results” but­ton to view a full page of results.

Mixer Share Controller Improvements

Microsoft has enabled full mouse and key­board sup­port for PC users, along with Share Con­troller Key Bindings.

They’ve also added mul­ti-touch sup­port for touch-enabled devices, allow­ing mul­ti­ple con­trollers to be used at the same time.

Last­ly, a per-chan­nel leader­board has been added, which spot­lights view­ers that con­tributed to a stream­er’s chan­nel the most dur­ing a Share Con­troller session.

Full Screen Broadcasting on Mixer

Mix­er Stream­ers can now go full screen while broad­cast­ing and you can switch to it any­time you want. While in this mode, game audio is mut­ed, mak­ing it easy to talk to your view­ers while switch­ing from game to game or set­ting up before you start to play. 

Microsoft also sug­gest­ed the best cam­eras to use:

  • Microsoft Life­Cam Studio
  • Log­itech HD Pro Web­cam C922
  • Log­itech Web­cam C930e
  • Microsoft Life­Cam HD-3000

Console Broadcasting and Stability Improvements

A num­ber of adjust­ments and fix­es have been made to improve over­all broad­cast qual­i­ty. You should now see improve­ment when broad­cast­ing band­width-heavy multiplayer.

Source: Xbox


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