It seems Activi­sion is still fight­ing against cheaters in its pop­u­lar bat­tle royale, Call of Duty: War­zone; how­ev­er, it’s not by ramp­ing up it own anti-cheat. Accord­ing to a report from Char­lie Intel the com­pa­ny has shut down anoth­er cheat distributor.

The dis­trib­u­tor, a site named CrazyAim, sold var­i­ous cheats to users, includ­ing annoy­ing aim­bots. This site would pro­vide cheats for mul­ti­ple Call of Duty titles, but it main­ly focused on on War­zone. If you vis­it the sell­er’s site now, you’ll just get an error message.

Accord­ing to Char­lie Intel’s report, CrazyAim’s site isn’t the only part of the dis­trib­u­tor that was tak­en down. The com­pa­ny’s Dis­cord serv­er was also tar­get­ed and has also been tak­en offline. This all hap­pened just ahead of the Call of Duty Sea­son 5 launch.

If Activi­sion did shut down CrazyAim, this would­n’t be the first time the com­pa­ny has tak­en action against a cheat mak­er. The com­pa­ny pre­vi­ous­ly sent cease and desist let­ters to sell­ers and shut down YouTube chan­nels that pro­mot­ed cheat­ing soft­ware. They also recent­ly had a cheat devel­op­er cease devel­op­ment at their request. In oth­er news, Activi­sion’s par­ent com­pa­ny, Activi­sion Bliz­zard, is cur­rent­ly deal­ing with two law­suits; one filed by the State of Cal­i­for­nia and the oth­er a class-action law­suit filed by a share­hold­er.

Activi­sion isn’t the only com­pa­ny deal­ing brin­ing the fight to the cheat dis­trib­u­tors. Bungie and Ubisoft recent­ly filed a joint law­suit against Ring‑1, which adver­tis­es and sells bun­dles as part of a sub­scrip­tion service.