Iron Gate Delays Hearth and Home Update for Valheim — Removes Roadmap

Val­heim devel­op­er Iron Gate Stu­dio, has pro­vid­ed an update on the team’s deliv­ery of four updates this year, which has been delayed. The team is focus­ing on tech­ni­cal issues which “need­ed to be fixed urgent­ly,” forc­ing the delay of content.

The news came on an update on Val­heim’s Steam store page, where the team explained the upcom­ing Hearth & Home expan­sion has been pushed to Q3 2021. The orig­i­nal roadmap has also been tem­porar­i­ly removed so Iron Gate can make changes. When­ev­er this roadmap makes an appear­ance again, it will for sure be small­er than the one.

The stu­dio stat­ed it was­n’t pre­pared for how pop­u­lar Val­heim would become. The mas­sive, and grow­ing, player­base only high­light­ed prob­lems Iron Gate need­ed to address to make the “expe­ri­ence as sta­ble as pos­si­ble.” This pushed all con­tent to the way­side, as they are more con­cerned playable game.

After Hearth & Home releas­es, Iron Gate will then set its sights on the large Mist­lands update before tak­ing on small­er Val­heim patches.

For now, the stu­dio pro­vid­ed a pre­view of what’s head­ing to the game when Hearth & Home drops (between July and Sep­tem­ber). This includes new build­ing pieces, cook­ing sta­tions like spice racks, a new food sys­tem, and plantable crops like onions. 

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