Injustice 2 is Going to Have Microtransactions

Nether­Realm’s revealed today that Injus­tice 2 will have micro­trans­ac­tions (as seen on Dual­Shock­ers). This is a cur­rent trend among pub­lish­ers and Warn­er Broth­ers has decid­ed it is need­ed in their game.

The cur­ren­cy is called Source Crys­tals and is sup­posed to be used for cos­met­ic pur­pos­es only. Noth­ing that would be game-chang­ing to the mul­ti­play­er bal­ance. Nether­Realm states:

We val­ue our com­mu­ni­ty and want to be clear: you can­not ‘pay to win’ with Injus­tice 2,” Nether­Realm said. “Source Crys­tals can only be used to pur­chase cos­met­ic adjust­ments to your fight­ers, Pre­miere char­ac­ter Skins with no game­play advan­tage, and var­i­ous Shaders for char­ac­ter costumes.”

Along with the Source Crys­tal sys­tem, is the “Trans­former Gear” sys­tem. Again, NetherRealm:

Trans­form Gear allows you to apply the visu­als of one piece of Gear to anoth­er piece. For exam­ple, if you have a piece of Gear with your per­fect stat load­out but it does­n’t have your per­fect look, you can apply the visu­als from one of your oth­er pieces of Gear to it,” the devel­op­er said. “After using Trans­form Gear, your Gear piece will have your pre­ferred stats matched with your pre­ferred visuals.”

Shaders will allow you to change your char­ac­ter’s appear­ance, but pre­mi­um skins are extra spe­cial. An exam­ple was giv­en: “You can change Super­girl into Pow­er­girl, but the pow­er and stats of the char­ac­ter are still based on Gear equip­ment that you’ve earned through play­ing the game.”

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, Source Crys­tals will allow play­ers to lev­el up their char­ac­ters with­out hav­ing to do the actu­al work. Once you lev­el up one char­ac­ter to lev­el 20 you can use the Crys­tals to lev­el up oth­er char­ac­ters to lev­el 20 as well.

Prices for the vari­ants of the Source Crys­tals have yet to be revealed. 

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