Inflatable Tube Men Fighting Game… Finally!!

Are you sick of see­ing those wacky inflat­able arm flail­ing tube men? Are you sick of hear­ing that phrase “wacky inflat­able arm flail­ing tube men”? Well, now you can fight them to the death (more like until defla­tion), in a fight­ing game that may be avail­able on PC.

You can see more on this one-of-a-kind fight­ing game on Steam Green­light and has been prop­er­ly titled, “Inflatal­i­ty”. You can choose the col­ors and face of your tube per­son, slight cus­tomiza­tions of course. You fight against anoth­er tube man and the are­na is set in places where you would typ­i­cal­ly see inflat­able tube men: a car deal­er­ship, renais­sance fairs, and even at a mon­ster truck are­na. In true inflat­able tube man form, you don’t bat­tle like reg­u­lar fight­ing games, you use twin stick con­trols or “fum­blecore” physics. This gives you the feel­ing of flail­ing around like that wacky inflat­able tube man on a breezy day. 


Inflatal­i­ty has four bat­tle are­nas and weapons, along with 30 cus­tomiza­tion options at this time. Hojo has said more weapons, stages, and modes will be added in the future. If you want to see more, Inflatal­i­ty has a web­site, that you can check out here.

Source: Kotaku

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