Any­one who played Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare and War­zone this week­end, most like­ly ran into some issues. Many play­ers were report­ing numer­ous prob­lems includ­ing voice chat, bat­tle pass pro­gres­sion, not being able to lev­el and long wait times to find lob­bies.

I myself expe­ri­enced a few of these issues, but the most irri­tat­ing one being match­mak­ing. Before any­one assumes it’s my inter­net, this was­n’t a prob­lem for me before their April 28th update. This par­tic­u­lar issue got worse after anoth­er update on April 30th.

Short­ly after that update, Infin­i­ty Ward start­ed dou­ble XP for lev­el­ing, weapons and tiers. How­ev­er, the game was plagued with bugs, mak­ing it impos­si­ble for some play­ers to take advan­tage of the dou­ble XP week­end.

The Activi­sion Sup­port Twit­ter account first acknowl­edged there was a prob­lem on May 1st, a day after a small update Infin­i­ty Ward pushed out the day before. The acknowl­edg­ment was regard­ing the wait times for match­mak­ing:

A few hours lat­er, they stat­ed they had rolled out a fix to resolve the issue:

The match­mak­ing prob­lem still per­sist­ed through­out the week­end, with peo­ple leav­ing com­plaints across the Infin­i­ty Ward and Activi­sion Twit­ter accounts. Yes­ter­day, Activi­sion Sup­port also men­tioned that the bat­tle pass was also appear­ing inac­tive for some play­ers, and they were work­ing on the issue:

Nei­ther Activi­sion or Infin­i­ty Ward has stat­ed the game has been fixed and some play­ers are still report­ing these prob­lems today. How­ev­er, Infin­i­ty Ward did tweet a playlist update ear­li­er today, along with the exten­sion of dou­ble XP (now ends May 8th). The stu­dio stat­ed it was a “token of appre­ci­a­tion” for play­ers’ patience while they worked on the issues: