Horizon: Zero Dawn Patch 1.13

Guer­ril­la Games released a patch for Hori­zon: Zero Dawn and post­ed the details of the patch on Red­dit. It does con­tain spoil­ers for the game’s sto­ry, so those will be blacked out, just click on them to reveal. 

Not only did this patch fix a bunch of pro­gres­sion prob­lems and gen­er­al fix­es, they also added a few fea­tures the com­mu­ni­ty has been ask­ing for. One in par­tic­u­lar was allow­ing play­ers to play their own music in the back­ground. This is an amaz­ing addi­tion, because while trounc­ing around the bush fight­ing off var­i­ous mechan­i­cal ene­mies to acquire cer­tain loot, as the music is quite lack­lus­ter in this game. The sec­ond addi­tion is anoth­er great one, now allow­ing you to drop chests with items that you don’t need or want.

Below is the com­plete list of changes made for Patch 1.13:

New Fea­tures

  • Added sup­port for back­ground music playback.
  • Added the abil­i­ty to drop trea­sure chests.


Pro­gres­sion Fixes 

  • [spoiler]Fixed an issue in “The Point of the Spear” where some play­ers could escape the quest area and get stuck here, block­ing pro­gres­sion of this quest.[/spoiler]
  • [spoiler]Fixed an issue in “A Seek­er at the Gates” where some play­ers could get stuck behind the gates to All-Moth­er Mountain.[/spoiler]
  • [spoiler]Fixed an issue in “The City of the Sun” where some play­ers were able to exit Olin’s base­ment dur­ing the ‘Inves­ti­gate Olin’s Secret Work­shop’ objective[/spoiler]
  • [spoiler]Fixed an issue in “The Grave-Hoard” where the objec­tive would not update when some play­ers fast trav­eled away after acti­vat­ing the Holo Projector.[/spoiler]
  • [spoiler]Fixed an issue in “Deep Secrets of the Earth” where some play­ers could avoid trig­ger­ing a cutscene, result­ing in the quest not progressing.[/spoiler]
  • [spoiler]Fixed an issue in “Fatal Inher­i­tance” where talk­ing to Rana­man after free­ing Dara­di would cause Dara­di to dis­ap­pear for some players.[/spoiler]
  • [spoiler]Fixed an issue in “Ham­mer and Steel” where for some play­ers the quest objec­tive would not update after gath­er­ing all nine Behe­moth Cables.[/spoiler]
  • Fixed an issue in Caul­dron Xi where some play­ers could avoid trig­ger­ing a cutscene, result­ing in the quest not progressing.

Gen­er­al Fixes

  • [spoiler]Fixed an issue in “The Point of the Spear” where the objec­tive ‘Meet Rost at the North Gate’ would always be marked as failed for some play­ers in the objec­tive log.[/spoiler]
  • Fixed an issue in “The Point of the Spear” where the fix for dupli­cate spears intro­duced in Patch 1.12 would not solve the issue for some play­er if they already fin­ished “In her Moth­er’s Footsteps”.
  • [spoiler]Fixed an issue after “The Prov­ing” for cer­tain play­ers where Aloy would not retrieve her Focus after vis­it­ing Rost.[/spoiler]
  • Fixed an issue where some play­ers could per­ma­nent­ly lose the Tear­blaster in their playthrough after sell­ing it at a mer­chant. The Tear­blaster will now be avail­able to pur­chase from cer­tain mer­chants after com­plet­ing ‘Hunter’s Blind’.
  • Fixed an issue where a pile of Ancient Debris appeared to be locat­ed under­ground for cer­tain players.
  • Fixed an issue where some play­ers were not able to pick up their loot when it was dropped in water.
  • Fixed an issue in the “Gate­lands” Ban­dit Camp where some play­ers could get stuck in a rock after per­form­ing a ‘Strike from below’.
  • Fixed an issue when cer­tain play­ers would try to mount dur­ing Aloy’s falling ani­ma­tion, caus­ing Aloy to float in midair.
  • Fixed the issue where some play­ers were able to gain +10,000 XP every time they cleared hunt­ing tri­als with all Blaz­ing Suns.

Crash Fix­es

  • Fixed var­i­ous mis­cel­la­neous crashes.
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