Horizon: Zero Dawn Patch 1.03

 Guer­ril­la Games released the details of Hori­zon: Zero Dawn’s first patch and the team actu­al­ly changed a bit, includ­ing a lot of bugs caus­ing crashes. 

Not only did Guer­ril­la patch Zero Dawn, they also gave the game a very recent hot­fix, which changed two bal­anc­ing issues. So far, the team has been doing great mak­ing sure the game is run­ning the way it is sup­posed to and mak­ing sure the bal­ance is prop­er is just as impor­tant. They are also encour­ag­ing play­ers to let them know what they think.

Here are the full notes for Patch 1.03:

 Patch 1.03

• Fixed a crash that could occur dur­ing “The Heart of the Nora”, after get­ting killed by the cor­rupt­ed Thun­der­jaw at All-Mother’s entrance.

• Fixed an issue where the game would crash on “The Curse to Dark­ness” when left idle for a few min­utes, after select­ing con­tin­ue from the Main Menu.

• Fixed a crash that would occur dur­ing “Revenge of the Nora” when the play­er would be killed by the Bellowback.

• Fixed a crash that could occur when the play­er was killed by the Behe­moth dur­ing “The Ter­ror of the Sun” quest.

• Fixed an issue where the load­ing screen would hang after view­ing the cutscene after the credits.

• Fixed a pro­gres­sion issue dur­ing “Deep Secrets of the Earth” where Aloy could not re-enter the secret entrance after fast trav­el­ing out.

• Fixed an issue where Aloy was able to mount machines with heavy weapons equipped.

• Fixed an issue where ban­dits would spawn inside the moun­tain dur­ing Ban­dit Camp “Two Teeth”.

• Fixed an issue where you could already scan the dat­a­point “Record of Red­maw 2” spoil­ing the quest.

• Fixed an issue where tracks wouldn’t be high­light­ed unless the play­er was at a cer­tain distance.

• Fixed a crash with Hunt­ing Grounds 1 when in com­bat with the Grazers.

• Fixed an issue where the quest icon would dis­play the incor­rect quest when fin­ish­ing “Gift from the Past” and tran­si­tion­ing to “The Point of the Spear”.

• Fixed an issue where Vanasha wasn’t appear­ing to acti­vate the “Traitor’s Boun­ty” quest.

• Fixed an issue dur­ing “The City of the Sun” where Erend wouldn’t spawn correctly.

• Fixed an issue where the Over­ride icon wouldn’t always show on over­rid­den machines.

• Fixed an issue where play­ers would acci­den­tal­ly skip the cin­e­mat­ic dur­ing “A Gift from the Past”.

• Fixed an issue dur­ing “The War Chiefs Trail” where the play­er could not inter­act with Sona after fast traveling.


  • Reduced the Car­ja Storm Hunter out­fit dam­age reduc­tion to 5% (pre­vi­ous­ly 90%)
  • Reduced total amount of discs from the Thun­der­jaw Disc Launch­er to 8 (pre­vi­ous­ly 12)


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