Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.06 Is Available Now

Guer­ril­la Games has released a new update for Hori­zon For­bid­den West, patch 1.06, which address­es a num­ber of issues report­ed by the community.

The devel­op­ers shared the notes on the game’s sub­red­dit, thank­ing the play­ers for their patience while the team worked on the prob­lems that been present since For­bid­den West released. They also con­firmed they’re still work­ing on oth­ers issues and are ask­ing fans to con­tin­ue leav­ing feedback.

Guer­ril­la start­ed by talk­ing about the known issues, say­ing the team is con­tin­u­ing to look into a num­ber of graph­i­cal errors that are caus­ing shim­mer­ing, sharp­en­ing, and screen sat­u­ra­tion when mov­ing the cam­era. Play­ers have also report­ed an issue in side quest “Break­ing Even” where they can’t talk to an NPC, mak­ing it impos­si­ble to progress. There are also reports of a par­tic­u­lar music track repeat­ing itself, among oth­er concerns.

When it comes to improve­ments, the devel­op­er has man­aged to imple­ment fix­es for a large num­ber of main and side quests. One exam­ple is where Varl would get stuck swim­ming dur­ing the “Reach for the Star” quest, result­ing in a miss­ing prompt–and more blocked progression.

This patch also address­es var­i­ous graph­i­cal and per­for­mance issues, which most­ly affect­ed object in the world, items, and the game’s pho­to mode. One more notable change is Aloy refer­ring to her stash less often when play­ers are loot­ing mate­ri­als. Check out the patch note’s full list below:

Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.06

Main Quests

  • Fixed an issue in ‘Reach for the Stars’ where Varl could become stuck swim­ming, which result­ed in a miss­ing prompt to [Exam­ine the Machine Car­cass] at the Glinthawk sight­ing site, thus block­ing fur­ther progression.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘Reach for the Stars’ where Varl would vis­i­bly tele­port after the Focus scan­ning tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘Reach for the Stars’ where Aloy could become stuck in a falling ani­ma­tion when she grabbed a col­laps­ing climb­ing point and used the Pull­cast­er on a Grap­ple Point at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘Reach for the Stars’ where there was a sud­den change in sun­light when Aloy was tra­vers­ing a cer­tain spot inside the shut­tle tower.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘Death’s Door’ where reload­ing from a cer­tain save would cause the Fire­gleam explo­sion to replay.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘The Dying Lands’ where Aloy and her com­pan­ions would get snowed on while inside the cauldron.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘The Bro­ken Sky’ where Kotal­lo could some­times become dis­tract­ed and stray from the task at hand, which could block fur­ther progression.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘The Bro­ken Sky’ where Aloy would be placed in an unin­tend­ed pose when reload­ing a cer­tain save.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘The Kul­rut’ where an objec­tive mark­er was lead­ing towards a blocked path.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘Seeds of the Past’ where Alva could some­times not reach the con­sole, block­ing progression.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘Seeds of the Past’ where reload­ing the save after killing the machines out­side of test sta­tion Elm would spawn Aloy stuck in the floor.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘Sin­gu­lar­i­ty’ where reload­ing a cer­tain save would cause a cer­tain line of dia­logue to play again incorrectly.

Side Quests

  • Fixed an issue in ‘The Blood Choke’ where Atek­ka would not move into posi­tion when need­ed, thus block­ing progression.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘The Promon­to­ry’ where reload­ing from a save after the ‘Inves­ti­gate the bridge’ objec­tive would place the play­er in Plainsong.
  • Tem­pered the vig­i­lance of machines in “The Wound in the Sand”, so that they no longer enter a sus­pi­cious state imme­di­ate­ly upon reload­ing from a cer­tain save.
  • Fixed an issue in “A Tribe Apart” where reload­ing a save cre­at­ed after open­ing the met­al flower at River­watch would cause the vines to respawn.

World Activ­i­ties

  • Fixed an infi­nite black screen that would occur after stash­ing the Champion’s Spear and then start­ing any Tuto­r­i­al or Chal­lenge in Chain­scrape Melee Pit, or a fixed load­out chal­lenge in the Arena.
  • Fixed an issue in Caul­dron Mu where a plat­form at the end of the caul­dron could stream in late, trap­ping the play­er underneath.
  • Fixed an issue in sal­vage con­tract The Still­sands: Pris­tine Bel­low­back where the incor­rect machine corpse was spawned when reload­ing from save after defeat­ing the machine.
  • Fixed an issue in Machine Strike where the play­er was no longer able to attack after select­ing to repeat the instruc­tions regard­ing unit com­bat power.
  • Fixed an issue in Machine Strike where the com­pass would appear on screen after the play­er retried a match they lost.
  • Fixed an issue where a wild load­ing screen could pop up while in the Are­na menu, after return­ing from a challenge.
  • Fixed an issue where scav­enger machines would not appear after killing oth­er types of machines in cer­tain habitats.
  • Fixed an issue with dome views where the icons would not dis­play cor­rect­ly after reload­ing a save.
  • Fixed an issue in Sal­vage Con­tract: The Lost Sup­plies where the quest could not be turned in under cer­tain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with the track “The World on Her Shoul­ders” repeat­ing if the play­er used fast-trav­el after climb­ing a Sig­nal Tow­er. Please note that this is not fixed for play­ers who already encoun­tered this issue, we are inves­ti­gat­ing a sep­a­rate fix for this.


  • Removed hap­tic feed­back when stand­ing next to a camp­fire and when fast-trav­el­ing if the Vibra­tion Inten­si­ty slid­ers are set to 0.
  • Fixed an issue where a Vista image would appear in front of a Black Box col­lectible in the menu.


  • Fixed mul­ti­ple instances of objects in the world vis­i­bly pop­ping between dif­fer­ent lev­els of detail.
  • Fixed an issue in Pho­to Mode where parts of Aloy’s out­fit and body would become blur­ry in cer­tain poses.
  • Improved visu­al dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion of the attack and move indi­ca­tors in Machine Strike.
  • Fixed a cos­met­ic issue with under­wa­ter cubemap.
  • Fixed an issue where a blur­ry arte­fact was vis­i­ble around the Heavy Cross­bow when using it in combat.
  • Fixed sev­er­al instances of the cam­era jit­ter­ing and behav­ing in an unin­ten­tion­al way.
  • Sev­er­al craftable quest items had the incor­rect mod­el in the work­bench inter­face, those have now been replaced with the final assets.
  • Fixed an issue with Par­al­lax Mapped Foam by remov­ing vari­able height scale in favor of a con­stant val­ue; when orig­i­nal dynam­ic input val­ue got too high it start­ed sep­a­rat­ing the par­al­lax lay­ers. To fix the nasty sep­a­ra­tion of the lay­ers at glanc­ing angles the height scale is set by a bit of fres­nel based logic.
  • Fixed sev­er­al instances of NPCs in set­tle­ments not dis­play­ing the cor­rect lev­el of detail when play­ing the PS4 ver­sion of the game.
  • Fixed an issue in the Chain­scrape tav­ern where mov­ing the cam­era in a cer­tain spot would cause sud­den changes in lighting.
  • Improved noise reduc­tion on screen space ambi­ent occlusion.
  • Reduced the inten­si­ty of the vignette screen effect when acti­vat­ing Val­or Surges, and when Aloy was at low health.

Per­for­mance and Stability

  • Mul­ti­ple crash fixes.
  • Fixed mul­ti­ple assets that would pop in or stream in vis­i­bly dur­ing cinematics.
  • Fixed sev­er­al unin­ten­tion­al load­ing screens/black screens that would trig­ger in spe­cif­ic points.


  • Aloy will not men­tion her stash quite as often as before.
  • Mul­ti­ple local­iza­tion fix­es and text align­ment corrections.
  • Mul­ti­ple visu­al and audio improve­ments to cinematics.
  • Fixed an issue where Aloy would freeze in a spe­cif­ic pose when switch­ing weapons dur­ing a charged heavy melee attack.
  • Fixed an issue where remap­ping the con­trols for Pri­ma­ry Fire to R1 would pre­vent the play­er from throw­ing rocks.
  • The spear impact when using ‘Strike From Above’ was miss­ing a sound effect that has now been added.
  • Fixed an issue where the play­er would lose con­trol of Aloy if sprint­ing and slid­ing into the water at a spe­cif­ic spot in the ruins north of Landfall.
  • Fixed an issue with the cam­era dur­ing the end credits.
  • Fixed sev­er­al instances of the mount behav­ing errat­i­cal­ly in spe­cif­ic loca­tions while rid­ing on roads.

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