Horizon Forbidden West Director Has Hinted At A Third Game

If you’ve played Hori­zon For­bid­den West, then you’re well aware that the sto­ry did­n’t end com­plete­ly clean. Sim­i­lar­ly to Hori­zon Zero Dawn, Guer­ril­la Games has set the stage for anoth­er title with­in the series–one that may see the earth com­plete­ly destroyed. The game’s direc­tor has pret­ty much con­firmed the exis­tence of a third game.

In an inter­view with VG247, Hori­zon For­bid­den West cre­ative direc­tor Math­i­js de Jong said the sto­ry we say at the end will be exam­ined in a sequel. “…this game ends with anoth­er big cliffhang­er, where we’re set­ting up some things for the next game once again.”

Since the game is rel­a­tive­ly new, we won’t spoil the cliffhang­er or what hap­pens in the final few hours of the game. How­ev­er, it is safe to say that Aloy is far from fin­ish­ing her mission–which seems to be more com­pli­cat­ed than ever before.

It should­n’t be sur­pris­ing that Guer­ril­la Games is plan­ning on devel­op­ing a third game for the fran­chise. It’s been a huge suc­cess for the stu­dio and for Sony, with Zero Dawn reach­ing 20 mil­lion sales this February. 

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