Horizon Forbidden West Dev Speaks About Improvements For PS5 Edition — PS4 Version Won’t Be “Compromised”

Guer­ril­la Games has shared some details about how the PlaySta­tion 5 will grant the pow­er for some extreme visu­al fideli­ty in Hori­zon: For­bid­den West. In a post on the PlaySta­tion Blog, the stu­dio showed some updates for Aloy’s char­ac­ter mod­el and the graph­ics in gen­er­al on PS5. The team is also promis­ing that the PS4 edi­tion won’t be “com­pro­mised.”

Each gen­er­a­tion of con­soles brings extra pow­er that lets us add even denser poly­gons to our char­ac­ter mod­els, so we can cre­ate fin­er details such as peach fuzz, smooth con­tour­ing, or fin­er tex­ture details and accu­rate mate­ri­als expres­sion, to name a few,” the devel­op­er said.

Horizon Forbidden West Dev Speaks About Improvements For PS5 Edition - PS4 Version Won't Be "Compromised"

The PS5 allows Guer­ril­la to increase the num­ber of “skele­tal joints” on Aloy’s face which will let her have more facial expres­sions. This should, the­o­ret­i­cal­ly, lead to a whole new lev­el for more cred­i­ble and immer­sive char­ac­ter per­for­mance,” as stat­ed by the developer.

As should be expect­ed, the PS4 edi­tion of For­bid­den West won’t look or per­form as well as the PS5 ver­sion, but lead char­ac­ter artist Bastien Ramisse made it clear that PS4 play­ers will have an “equal­ly immer­sive expe­ri­ence.” Guer­ril­la will take advan­tage of some “unex­plored resources” to improve the PS4 edi­tion of For­bid­den West.

We actu­al­ly devel­oped and test­ed the game simul­ta­ne­ous­ly on both PlaySta­tion 4 and PlaySta­tion 5, because it’s very impor­tant to us as a stu­dio to ensure PlaySta­tion 4 play­ers get an equal­ly immer­sive expe­ri­ence,” Ramisse said. “With our knowl­edge from Hori­zon Zero Dawn, we knew that we still had some unex­plored resources that could push the real­ism and qual­i­ty of our char­ac­ter assets for­ward; it’s great to now be able to tap into that knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence for the sequel.”

Horizon Forbidden West Dev Speaks About Improvements For PS5 Edition - PS4 Version Won't Be "Compromised"

Accord­ing to Ramisse, the more notice­able changes for Aloy in For­bid­den West will be on her facial and body cap­ture accu­ra­cy. The new tech­nol­o­gy is being used to cre­ate “more real­is­tic shapes and sur­face details” for Aloy and others. 

The game’s pre­order sit­u­a­tion is a bit con­fus­ing, but you can still check out our pre­order guide if you plan on pick­ing up Hori­zon: For­bid­den West. 

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