For Honor’s: Today’s Live Update v1.09.01 Notes

Ubisoft released the details of v1.09.01 ear­li­er today, but this also includ­ed the v1.09 patch that Xbox One and PS4 play­ers had not received yet. So con­sole play­ers received two patch­es today, one which is rather large. PC ver­sion of For Hon­or already received the title update on July 13th.

This is the live update that hap­pened for all the plat­forms today:

Live Update v1.09.01 Notes


  • Stam­pede Charge min­i­mum con­nec­tion time delayed to 300ms (from 100ms)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the “host” advan­tage on Stam­pede Charge into Wall

Devel­op­er Com­ments: Raider’s Stam­pede Charge used to be pret­ty dif­fi­cult to land from Sprint. Some char­ac­ters with aver­age mobil­i­ty, could avoid the charge just by run­ning around. In an effort to improve the suc­cess rate of the move we’ve made changes that allowed it to con­nect 100ms into the start­up at the ear­li­est which may look instan­ta­neous under poor net­work­ing con­di­tions. To address this, we’re delay­ing Stam­pede Charge min­i­mum con­nec­tion tim­ing to 300ms. We’ve also fixed the “host” advan­tage bug caus­ing the Stam­pede Charge into Wall to get can­celled against the “host”.


  • Crash­ing Charge min­i­mum con­nec­tion time delayed to 300ms (from 100ms)

Devel­op­er Com­ments: *War­lord Crash­ing Charge had a sim­i­lar set up as the Raider’s Stam­pede Charge. It was how­ev­er less obvi­ous because of the move’s oth­er char­ac­ter­is­tics such as tracking. *


  • Revenge inac­tive in Duel mode

Devel­op­er Com­ments: Giv­en the community’s feed­back on 1v1 Revenge and the good recep­tion of the change done in the Pub­lic Test 1, we’ve decid­ed to dis­able Revenge in Duel. As a side effect, in Cus­tom Match Revenge will be off by default and can’t be acti­vat­ed. This is a known issue that will be fixed in the next update.

For Honor's: Today's Live Update v1.09.01 Notes

The title update for Xbox One and PS4 play­ers can be seen below, it’s a lot of change which some you might not have been ask­ing for:

Revenge Gain

We’re bring­ing a lot of updates to the Revenge mechan­ics in this update. Our main objec­tive with these changes is to have more gran­u­lar con­trol over Revenge gain in mul­ti­ple group fight sit­u­a­tions. Before going into the details of our changes, here’s an overview of how Revenge gain works.

We deter­mine Revenge gain based on two core elements:

The type of attack con­tact deter­mines how much raw Revenge score you earn for one incom­ing attack. The Base Revenge score is deter­mined by using the raw dam­age of the attack* and apply­ing a mul­ti­pli­er based on the con­tact result: if it’s a block or a hit, you earn a giv­en val­ue, if it’s a par­ry you earn anoth­er value.

Raw Attack dam­age x Con­tact mul­ti­pli­er = Base Revenge score

*Melee attacks that don’t have any dam­age out­put have a set value.

The group fight sta­tus adds a mul­ti­pli­er to the Base Revenge score. If you’re in a 1v1, 1v2, 1v3, or 1v4 sit­u­a­tion, we mul­ti­ply the Base Revenge score accord­ing­ly (the more out­num­bered you are, the high­er the multiplier).

Base Revenge score x Group fight mul­ti­pli­er = Final Revenge Score

Now that you’re famil­iar with the basics, here are the changes we’ve made in this new update.

Most of them focus on improv­ing how we com­pute group fight status:

  • We now have 4 dis­tinct val­ues to mul­ti­ply Revenge gain dif­fer­ent­ly if you’re in 1v1 (0.2), 1v2 (0.5), 1v3 (0.75) or 1v4 (0.85). Before today, we only had a 1v1 mul­ti­pli­er (0.2) and a 1vN mul­ti­pli­er (0.85) which pre­vent­ed us from hav­ing the gran­u­lar­i­ty we need­ed to tweak dif­fer­ent­ly 1v2, 1v3, and 1v4.
  • Until now, attacks tar­get­ing the play­er (incom­ing) and attacks per­formed by the play­er (out­go­ing) have been con­sid­ered in order to incre­ment or decre­ment the group fight mul­ti­pli­er. Using out­go­ing attacks result­ed in exploit strate­gies, allow­ing out­num­bered play­ers to rapid­ly attack ene­mies sur­round­ing them in order to reach 1v4 mul­ti­pli­er to max Revenge gain. We’ve removed out­go­ing attacks from the com­pu­ta­tion and we’re now only using incom­ing attacks in order to stick to the defen­sive / catch up nature of Revenge.
  • By default, Base Revenge score is mul­ti­plied by the 1v1 mul­ti­pli­er. To decide if we need to incre­ment or decre­ment that mul­ti­pli­er, we run a set timer (let’s call it Group Fight timer) for each attack that tar­gets the play­er (whether it hits, gets blocked, dodged, par­ried…). If anoth­er attack from anoth­er ene­my tar­gets the Play­er while the Group Fight timer is still run­ning, we incre­ment the mul­ti­pli­er for that Play­er. If no oth­er attack reg­is­ters while that timer is active, we decre­ment the mul­ti­pli­er. We’ve reduced that timer by 50% to lim­it prob­lem­at­ic sit­u­a­tions in which a play­er could escape a group fight, and still ben­e­fit from a very high Group Fight mul­ti­pli­er in the next 1v1 fight if it hap­pened with­in the dura­tion allowed by the Group Fight timer.
  • We fixed a bug in order to remove Dead enti­ties from the group fight com­pu­ta­tion, so that if you’re fac­ing 4 oppo­nents, and reach 1v4 mul­ti­pli­er, killing one ene­my instant­ly decreas­es the mul­ti­pli­er to 1v3. Before, the dead enti­ty would still be com­put­ed as long as the Group Fight timer was running.

We’ve also made some adjust­ments to raw Revenge gain based on attack con­tacts:

  • Dam­age over Time no longer feeds Revenge meter. It used to be the case for Bleed and Fire dam­age but we’re remov­ing it in order to only com­pute the attacks that risk caus­ing an inter­rup­tion into the Revenge calculations.
  • Melee attacks that don’t deal dam­age now have a set Revenge score of 30. Melee attacks used to have a set val­ue of 10 which was then mul­ti­plied by the hit mul­ti­pli­er. This result­ed in very lit­tle Revenge gain when hit by melee attacks. We’ve changed this to a much high­er val­ue to be more con­sis­tent with the dis­rup­tion lev­el and sta­mi­na dam­age of melee attacks in group fight.


  • Revenge score after a melee hit increased to 30 (from 10).
  • Added a 1v2 group fight mul­ti­pli­er set to 0.5.
  • Added a 1v3 group fight mul­ti­pli­er set to 0.75.
  • Group Fight timer reduced by 50%.
  • Dam­age over Time no longer feeds Revenge meter.
  • Out­go­ing attacks are no longer used to deter­mine Group Fight multiplier.
  • [Bug Fix] Dead enti­ties instant­ly low­er the Group Fight multiplier.
  • [Bug Fix] Berserk­er and Nin­ja Par­ry mul­ti­pli­ers increased from 1 to 1.5 to be con­sis­tent with oth­er Assassins.

Devel­op­er com­ments: TL;DR, the main take away is that we’ve reworked the Revenge gain mechan­ics in order to tune it with more gran­u­lar­i­ty based on the dif­fer­ent pos­si­ble out­num­bered com­bat con­fig­u­ra­tions, reduc­ing earn rate in 1v2, 1v3 sit­u­a­tions, while main­tain­ing cur­rent rates in 1v1 and 1v4. We’ll mon­i­tor data after this update for fur­ther bal­anc­ing, changes and improvements.

Time Snap

  • Time Snap has been disabled

Devel­op­er com­ments: Time Snap is a lega­cy sys­tem we’ve had at the core of our fight sys­tem for a very long time. To be brief, it snaps actions at 100ms in order to guar­an­tee syn­chro­nized con­tacts. The down­side of this sys­tem has been input laten­cy. Dur­ing the course of pro­duc­tion, we ran sev­er­al inves­ti­ga­tions in order to esti­mate our input lag, and a few months before ship­ping we start­ed to cre­ate excep­tions with­in the time snap frame­work in order to improve input reac­tiv­i­ty on guard switch for instance. After weeks of test­ing inter­nal­ly, we’ve decid­ed to dis­able Time Snap entire­ly from the game in order to favor input reac­tiv­i­ty as much as possible.


  • On respawn, play­ers are invul­ner­a­ble to Guard Break and Melee Attacks.

Devel­op­er com­ments: To lim­it spawn camp­ing exploits, we’re mak­ing Play­ers immune to Guard Break and Melee Attacks after respawn for 4 seconds.



  • [Bug Fix] Shad­ow Strike can now hit exter­nal targets.

Devel­op­er com­ments: Shi­no­bi used to per­form Shad­ow Strike on locked tar­get, even after par­ry­ing an exter­nal attack, result­ing in some extreme tele­port sit­u­a­tions. Now, Shad­ow Strike will tar­get the source of the exter­nal attack after an exter­nal Parry.

  • [Bug Fix] Tack­le can no longer knock down allies.
  • [Bug Fix] Tack­le hit detec­tion fixed.

Devel­op­er com­ments: Tack­le hit detec­tion had prob­lems that we’ve fixed to make it more accu­rate. We’re also remov­ing its abil­i­ty to hit friendlies.

  • [Bug Fix] Sick­le Rain now main­tains cur­rent guard position.
  • [Bug Fix] Sick­le Rain’s last 3 light attacks no longer dis­play the Unblock­able icons.

Devel­op­er com­ments: Shi­no­bi had no active guard post Sick­le Rain which could lead to issues, so we’ve fixed it in order to main­tain the lat­est active guard. If you start Sick­le Rain from a left guard, you’ll get back to left guard once the move sequence is over. We also removed the Unblock­able icon on the last 3 lights. Since these attacks are not block­able and not par­ryable either, we’ve removed the icon to avoid confusion.

  • [Bug Fix] Removed Unblock­able icons from Moveset descrip­tion of the fol­low­ing moves:
  • Grab
  • Grab Kick Mix Up
  • Back Flip Grab

Devel­op­er com­ments: Shinobi’s Grab doesn’t actu­al­ly have the Unblock­able prop­er­ty. So we’re remov­ing the Unblock­able icons from the Moveset descrip­tions in order to avoid any confusion.


  • Stam­pede Charge start­up dura­tion reduced to 500ms (from 700ms).
  • Stam­pede Charge track­ing improved.

Devel­op­er com­ments: Stam­pede Charge was too dif­fi­cult to land from Sprint. It was eas­i­ly avoid­ed even with­out dodg­ing. We’ve made a hand­ful of adjust­ments to the start­up dura­tion and track­ing in order to increase its suc­cess rate.


  • [Bug Fix] Orochi can no longer use Top Light Attack to snap to locked tar­get after an exter­nal Wind Gust or Hur­ri­cane Blast.


  • [Bug Fix] Con­queror will no longer be able to per­form Min­ion-ded­i­cat­ed chained attacks on a Player.
  • [Bug Fix] Heavy Charge ani­ma­tion cycle no longer stops play­ing after block­ing an attack at full charge.
  • [Bug Fix] Zone Attack will now dis­play a Full Block Stance on PC when play­ing with the mouse and keyboard.


  • [Bug Fix] Sta­mi­na cost reduc­tion Gear Stat now works with Charge of the Oni.
  • [Bug Fix] Shugo­ki will no longer be able to per­form Min­ion-ded­i­cat­ed chained attacks on a Player.


  • Added the Unin­ter­rupt­ible Stance Icons on Eagle’s Fury and Eagle’s Fury Alter­nate movesets.
  • [Bug Fix] Centurion’s Charged Heavy can­not pin an ene­my already pinned by anoth­er Centurion.

Devel­op­er com­ments: The Charged Heavy hit reac­tion wasn’t set­up prop­er­ly and as a result, it was too easy for mul­ti­ple Cen­tu­ri­ons to stun lock the enemy.


Guard Mode Tog­gle Exit Options

  • Added Menu options to set rules for exit­ing Guard Mode when it’s set to Toggle.

Devel­op­er com­ments: Play­ers will have the option to con­fig­ure when to exit Guard Mode auto­mat­i­cal­ly (when lock tog­gle set­ting is enabled). The avail­able options are:

  • if no oth­er tar­get is in range
  • if cur­rent tar­get dies
  • if cur­rent tar­get is executed
  • nev­er


  • Dis­abled Sta­mi­na Regen while using Ladder.
  • Press­ing B now forces the play­er into a Lad­der Slide for 300ms.
  • Sta­mi­na cost of 25 has been moved from the Lad­der Slide Hit to the Lad­der Slide attempt.

Devel­op­er com­ments: Play­ers were able to exploit dis­tance and pre­vent oth­ers from get­ting into lad­ders by spam­ming the slide but­ton. We already made it impos­si­ble to per­form a slide or an attack while out of sta­mi­na in a lad­der but it was not use­ful since it was so easy to regen­er­ate sta­mi­na out of harm’s way.

In an attempt to fix that, we decid­ed that we would dis­able sta­mi­na regen­er­a­tion while in a lad­der and we would be more pun­ish­ing when using the slide by mov­ing the sta­mi­na cost from the hit to the slide attempt itself.

Final­ly, as a means to pre­vent a bug and to fur­ther con­strict the lad­der slide spam behav­ior, we force play­ers into a 300ms slide com­mit as soon as the input is detect­ed. This also means that if a play­ers press the slide but­ton near the exit of a lad­der, they will tran­si­tion out of it mak­ing them vulnerable.

We hope, with all these changes, to bring an end to the lad­ders shenani­gans while keep­ing lad­ders as active ingre­di­ents in our gameplay.


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an incon­sis­ten­cy caus­ing play­ers not to be able to reach their oppo­nent while in fights on uneven ground.


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the aim assist on Bal­lista in Sto­ry mode.


Thick Skin

  • Added a 3 sec­ond cooldown when hit.

NOTE: The feat’s in game descrip­tion was not updated

Flesh Wound

  • Added a 3 sec­ond cooldown when hit
  • NOTE: The feat’s in game descrip­tion was not updated

Devel­op­er com­ments: We are start­ing to look into how we can bal­ance pas­sive feats that offer core attribute buffs. The way this works is that the cooldown will be applied in full once the effect has been applied, mean­ing that if you have Thick Skin and you get hit, you will get back your dam­age reduc­tion in 3 sec­onds regard­less of get­ting hit while in cooldown.


  • Added a 3 sec­ond cooldown when hit­ting an enemy
  • NOTE: The feat’s in game descrip­tion was not updated

Devel­op­er com­ments: In the same vein as Thick Skin and Flesh Wound, we have added a 3 sec­ond cooldown when the effect of this feat is applied. This means that you get the dam­age buff on the first hit and every 3 sec­onds afterwards.

User Interface

Visual/Grammatical Adjust­ments

Menu Inter­face

  • The posi­tion­ing of the infor­ma­tion and options have been adjust­ed in the Mul­ti­play­er Menu
  • Visu­al, word­ing and icon loca­tion adjust­ments made on the Scav­enger Page
  • The play­er expres­sion tile for the Back of the Nin­ja said ‘’Chest and Back’’, yet only mod­i­fied his back. This has been edit­ed to only indi­cate “Back”
  • Improved leg­i­bil­i­ty of the Orders Page
  • On PC: Right-click­ing on a bind­ing in the Key Map­ping page will unbind

Map Vote Menu

  • Visu­al adjust­ments in the Map Vote tab were made to improve clar­i­ty. Now it’s eas­i­er to under­stand when the Mode will also change (and not only the map).

Face-Off Screen

Play­er Skill dis­played dur­ing Face Off:

  • Before a match, dur­ing Face-Off, play­ers will now be able to see their skill rel­a­tive to their allies and the ene­my team.
  • The rela­tion is cal­cu­lat­ed from the team and oppo­nent Skill aver­age against player’s skill rating.
  • NOTE: The skill rat­ing itself is cal­cu­lat­ed based on each play­er indi­vid­ual aver­age per­for­mance in match­es (and to a less­er extent their team performance).

Rep­u­ta­tion Score dis­played dur­ing Face Off:

  • Before a match, dur­ing Face-Off, the Rep­u­ta­tion Score of each play­er (sum of all Rep­u­ta­tions Lev­els reached on each Hero) is now dis­played by default.
  • All play­ers’ Hero Rep­u­ta­tion Lev­el and Gear Stat Lev­el are still avail­able on the page “Hero Overview” that can be trig­gered dur­ing the same Face-Off phase.

Dev com­ment: We want the Face-Off to dis­play more of the results of our match­mak­ing process. The objec­tive is to be more trans­par­ent and rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the sys­tem we use in the background.

To do so, now you’ll be able to see your rel­a­tive skill rat­ing that we use to match­make you with oth­er players.

We’ve also decid­ed to show the Rep­u­ta­tion Score of the play­ers to help rep­re­sent­ing their time spent and expe­ri­ence in the gale, no mat­ter if they play their main Heroes or new ones.

Col­or­blind Support

  • The 3 dif­fer­ent types of col­or­blind­ness are now sup­port­ed by the game: Protanopia, Deuter­a­nopia and Tritanopia.
  • Col­or­blind sup­port is now avail­able on the Fac­tion War Inter­face, all Mul­ti­play­er modes and the fight feedback.
  • Col­or­blind is not sup­port­ed in Sto­ry Mode.

Dev com­ment: Team col­ors and Fight Feed­backs, as well as the Menu Dis­plays and infor­ma­tion were updat­ed to cater to 3 dif­fer­ent types of col­or blind­ness. We are pro­gres­sive­ly work­ing on adjust­ing our game to cater to our col­or blind play­ers. You can select which col­or­blind mode you want in the Options of the game.

Sto­ry Mode

  • The inter­ac­tion feed­back when climb­ing the wall using a grap­ple was improved to bet­ter reflect the required inputs.


  • Bat­tle Instance: When the Cen­tu­ri­on’s Kick and the oppos­ing Raiders Stam­pede Charge col­lide, the Raider’s attack would land, yet he would still receive the Guard­break icon. This has been resolved, and the Raiders faster abil­i­ty will land with­out him receiv­ing Guardbreak.
  • Berserk­er Moveset
  • Super Armor icon is now prop­er­ly on Head Slicer, and not on Spin Chop.
  • Swapped the order of the two, so all the Super Armor moves are nice­ly in a row.

Devel­op­er Com­ments: Super Armor icon was on the wrong move. There is now the cor­rect icon with its prop­er entry (on Head Slicer). Their order has been mod­i­fied so that all the Super Armor moves are list­ed in a row for easy reading.

  • Get­ting killed by the envi­ron­ment will no longer show the dam­age tak­en by the ene­my prior.
  • The visu­als dis­played when killed in Dual Mode by the saw­blade in The Ship­yard Map have been adjusted.

Hero Cus­tomiza­tion

  • Added the option to use many neu­tral col­or swatch­es as Defend­ers or Attackers

Dev Com­ment: Many col­or palettes that were acquired by unlock­ing an out­fit were only avail­able in Neu­tral slot even if the col­ors would fit the theme of the Attack­er or Defend­er teams. The col­ors swatch­es that fit the Defend­er and Attack­er are now avail­able to select for the rel­e­vant team in the Hero cus­tomiza­tion menu.

  • Updat­ed Orna­ments to increase team iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and make sure the mate­r­i­al type of the orna­ment adapts to the mate­r­i­al type of the helmet.

Menus Alter­ations

  • [Bug­fix] When the timer runs out in the End of Match Lob­by and a user is brows­ing the Heroes Menu, the match could­n’t pro­ceed. This issue has been solved.
  • To avoid con­fu­sion, the title for the Mul­ti­play­er Activ­i­ty Set­tings page has been replaced by “Para­me­ters”.
  • For eas­i­er access, the Key Map­ping Menu has been moved from the Con­trols Page to Options Page
  • When flip­ping on an axis in the emblem edi­tor, the rota­tion val­ue will be refreshed

Player Progression

Emblem Cus­tomiza­tion

  • Added the option to use any of the saved Emblems in the Hero Customization

Dev Com­ment: Thanks to com­mu­ni­ty feed­back, play­ers will now have the option to select any of the 4 saved Emblems to be used in the Hero Cus­tomiza­tion options. This means you can select a dif­fer­ent emblem for cus­tomiza­tion than the cur­rent­ly active emblem.

Orders & Con­tract Updates

We improved our orders and con­tracts sys­tem based on the com­mu­ni­ty feed­back to have:

  • More bal­anced rewards based on Order com­ple­tion dif­fi­cul­ty and time
  • A bet­ter dis­tri­b­u­tion of objec­tives and difficulty
  • More stack­able orders
  • The rewards to com­plete the orders was rebal­anced to match the aver­age time it takes for each objec­tive to be completed:
  • Dai­ly Order 1: From 400 steel and 300 XP to 300 steel and 200 XP (less rewards, but eas­i­er goals)
  • Dai­ly Order 2: From 400 steel and 300 XP to 500 steel and 400 XP (more rewards, stan­dard goals)
  • Easy Order: From 150 steel and 500 XP to 100 steel and 750 XP
  • Medi­um Order: From 150 steel and 1000 XP to 150 steel and 1250 XP
  • Hard Order: From 150 steel and 1500 XP to 200 steel and 1500 XP
  • The con­tract dis­tri­b­u­tion sys­tem was improved, mak­ing it eas­i­er to com­bo dif­fer­ent objec­tives and com­plete them faster, with­out a lot of constraints.
  • Kill streak orders requires you to kill 5 ene­mies instead of 8 and can be com­plet­ed in any game mode.
  • Over­all require­ment to reach the goals was decreased.

Devel­op­er com­ments: While the over­all rewards for Orders did­n’t change, we’ve updat­ed the rewards for each order type based on their dif­fi­cul­ty and time to be com­plet­ed to have them more balanced.

These changes will also impact the orders dis­tri­b­u­tion: there won’t be days with only orders ask­ing you to play the same mode any­more. It is also eas­i­er now to progress sev­er­al orders at the same time.

Sin­gle Sal­vage Currency

  • To make it sim­pler to upgrade sec­ondary heroes, we are shift­ing from 3 Fac­tion Sal­vage cur­ren­cy to a sin­gle Sal­vage currency.
  • All the dif­fer­ent Fac­tion Sal­vage you cur­rent­ly have will be summed up and trans­formed to Salvage.
  • This Sal­vage can be used in any hero from any faction.

Devel­op­er com­ments: We want­ed it to be eas­i­er for play­ers to use their extra sal­vage. So we’ve decid­ed to merge all fac­tion sal­vage cur­ren­cies into only one. This will also bring more flex­i­bil­i­ty for the play­ers to progress any char­ac­ter of the roaster.

Engine — Graphics

  • PS4 PRO Update: In order to max­i­mize the pow­er of the PS4 PRO con­sole, we added spe­cif­ic graph­ic mode set­ting so the play­er can choose between high­er res­o­lu­tion (4K) and high­er graph­ic details.

Tech — Session

  • [Bug Fix] Enabled AFK Kick in pri­vate match­es. Cus­tom match­es are unaffected.


  • [Net­work] Added more detailed track­ing for error 6000139

Devel­op­er com­ments: We added more gran­u­lar track­ing relat­ed to 6000139 error code to iden­ti­fy spe­cif­ic root cause lead­ing to a user disconnecting

  • [X1] Game Ses­sion state optimizations

Devel­op­er com­ments: This opti­miza­tion is aimed to reduce the “ses­sion full” errors.

  • [X1] Reduced the impact of the game inter­ac­tions with Microsoft’s achieve­ments sys­tem dur­ing mul­ti­play­er matches.

Devel­op­er com­ments: This opti­miza­tion is aimed toward improv­ing the sim­u­la­tion per­for­mance dur­ing gameplay.

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