For Honor Open Beta: When It Starts & What Ubisoft Included

dThe For Hon­or Closed Beta bare­ly just came to an end and Ubisoft is already out to give play­ers more time to hack and slash on the bat­tle­field. This time though, they are giv­ing every­one the chance to expe­ri­ence the bloodshed. 

From Feb­ru­ary 9–12 all play­ers on PS4, Xbox One and PC, can down­load and expe­ri­ence the fight for suprema­cy in the mul­ti­play­er fac­tion bat­tles as you declare you alle­giance to the Knights, Samu­rais, or Vikings.

For any­one who did not get to expe­ri­ence the closed beta, you will get to try modes like Elim­i­na­tion — a best of five, four-on-four match­es with no respawns — as well as the Domin­ion, Brawl (which you can imag­ine what that is like), and Duel (which is basi­cal­ly 1v1). If you did play the beta, you’ll be able to “con­tin­ue the War of the Fac­tions, giv­ing you the chance to lead your cho­sen army to vic­to­ry and claim rewards when the full game launch­es on Feb­ru­ary 14.”

Ubisoft pro­vid­ed a video of map vari­a­tions for play­ers who haven’t seen them:

Ubisoft also stat­ed before the open beta begins, celebri­ty war­riors and top stream­ers are going to Twitch to con­tin­ue the War of the Fac­tions to show off Elim­i­na­tion mode. The Twitch stream will be fea­tur­ing Lau­ren Cohan, Jason Momoa, Alfie Allen, and Demetri­ous John­son and starts Feb­ru­ary 7th at 2pm PST on the For Hon­or Twitch Chan­nel.

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