Halo: MCC Beta Adds Nongendered Body Types, Voices Separated From Them

Halo: The Mas­ter Chief Col­lec­tion lat­est flight for Sea­son 8 includes plen­ty of new cus­tomiza­tions options for play­ers, includ­ing armor that makes their char­ac­ters look like Roman-esc. How­ev­er, along with the armor some addi­tion­al, unan­nounced choic­es have also been added to the game. Devel­op­er 343 Indus­tries notes it’s sep­a­rat­ed Spar­tan’s body types from their voic­es, let­ting play­ers mix and match their char­ac­ters as they please.

The new cus­tomiza­tion options are cur­rent­ly only avail­able for Halo Reach, all oth­er Halo titles will keep their orig­i­nal options. In the main ver­sion of Halo: The Mas­ter Chief Col­lec­tion, a Spar­tan’s voice changes with their body. Larg­er body equals a male voice, small­er body means a female voice. 

It’s not clear if these changes will make it into Halo: MCC with Sea­son 8’s full launch–not every fea­ture includ­ed in flights make the sea­son­al update cut. 

Halo: MCC Beta Adds Nongendered Body Types, Voices Separated From Them

The Sea­son 8 flight also also gives play­ers access to a few oth­er unan­nounced fea­tures: mul­ti­play­er match­es will now end with a podi­um show­ing the game’s top three play­ers pos­ing on them, and play­ers will also be able to report oth­er play­ers from the score­board at the end of a match. 

The cur­rent flight for Halo: MCC start­ed on Sep­tem­ber 2nd and will last until Sep­tem­ber 13th. Invi­ta­tions have already been sent out, but if you’re look­ing to get into the next flight, you can reg­is­ter for the next one with the Halo Insid­er pro­gram.

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