Halo Infinite’s February Fixes Focus On A Better Online Experience

343 Indus­tries, devel­op­ers of Halo Infi­nite, has revealed more details about the upcom­ing update for the game, which will focus on match­mak­ing, ensur­ing access to local match­es and sta­ble con­nec­tions, as well as changes to the mul­ti­play­er playlists.

In a com­mu­ni­ty update, lead engi­neer Richard Wat­son explained that they’ve increased the the pri­or­i­ty of low pings to Halo Infi­nite servers in the match­mak­ing process, which should help play­ers find more sta­ble connections. 

Our Ser­vices team has tak­en addi­tion­al steps to help ensure you can have qual­i­ty match­es with play­ers from your respec­tive regions, more often,” Wat­son said. “We expect this to have a notice­able impact when mak­ing match­es for play­ers in less pop­u­lat­ed regions around the world including–but not lim­it­ed to–Australia and Asia.”

These adjust­ments will also affect geo-fil­ter­ing for online match­es, as this had an impact on match­es after they were put togeth­er through match­mak­ing, result­ing in unsta­ble connections.

Oth­er issues will be addressed through the next weeks, includigng more match­mak­ing ser­vice improve­ments for Big Team Bat­tle. Scor­pi­on Tanks and Wraiths will appear more fre­quent­ly on BTB maps, while squad mem­bers in BTB match­es will have the select­ed fireteam mark­er col­or but might still start the match in dif­fer­ent areas of the map.

Changes to Odd­ball in both Ranked and Are­na mul­ti­play­er playlists are also on the way, and include a full minute over­time when the score is tied. If a team is still tied in score by the end of the extra time, the round will then be declared a tie. The match will end if two sep­a­rate rounds end in a tie, with the vic­to­ry going to the team with more rounds won. 

Last­ly, a Halo Cham­pi­onship Series vari­ant of Free-For-All Slay­er is being added to the Cus­tom Game modes list. 

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