Halo Infinite Players Want 343 To Get Rid Of Forced Cross Play

Halo Infi­nite play­ers on Xbox are ask­ing Microsoft to drop the forced cross­play with PC play­ers. Cross­play is a great fea­ture for those look­ing to play any­thing oth­er than an FPS, which is why Xbox play­ers have recent­ly become frus­trat­ed with hav­ing to play with cheaters on PC.

Halo Infinite’s mul­ti­play­er launched two months ago and, since then, play­ers have been report­ing instances of cheat­ing by PC users. This has result­ed in con­sole own­ers con­tin­u­ous­ly ask­ing for an option to tog­gle cross-play.

343 Indus­tries acknowl­edged the preva­lence of cheaters ear­ly on. Com­mu­ni­ty man­ag­er John Jun­yszek said that due to Halo Infi­nite being free-to-play, it will like­ly always have cheaters, but that the stu­dio is active­ly look­ing for ways to deal with them. Yes­ter­day, the com­pa­ny announced it would be releas­ing an update in Feb­ru­ary that will address the cheat­ing problem.

One per­son sug­gest­ed going to the Xbox’s con­sole set­tings to dis­able cross­play. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, this does­n’t work. Chang­ing this option means being unable to match with users out­side of Xbox Live. For Halo Infi­nite, this does­n’t mat­ter since Steam and PC Game Pass both use Xbox Live accounts to play. 

Who knows how long it will take until 343 Indus­tries makes changes to Halo Infinite’s multiplayer.

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