Halo Infinite Patch In The Works — Addresses Big Team Battle, Cheating, And More

The Halo Infi­nite devel­op­ment team is back to after tak­ing a break for the hol­i­days, and 343 has now out­lined a few plans it has for the game, includ­ing improve­ments com­ing to Big Team Battle.

Com­mu­ni­ty direc­tor Bri­an Jar­rad said in a blog post that the team is cur­rent­ly focus­ing on fix­ing issues for Big Team Bat­tle, ones that have plagu­ing the mode for weeks. “As you know, we’ve been deal­ing with some frus­trat­ing issues with BTB near­ly since launch and despite a few attempts at solv­ing and mit­i­gat­ing before the hol­i­day break, we were not able to get this fixed,” Jar­rard said. “While BTB has remained playable, there are match­mak­ing issues that increase with more play­ers and larg­er fireteams have a low chance of suc­cess­ful­ly join­ing into a game together.”

343 assem­bled a “strike force” that worked on the BTB issues over the hol­i­day break, with this team iden­ti­fy­ing a fix for the “core issue” affect­ing Big Team Bat­tle. The update went into a test­ing phase last week and “so far it’s look­ing pos­i­tive,” Jar­rad said.

343 Indus­tries does not have an esti­ma­tion as to when the patch will be going live.

Next steps are to con­tin­ue test­ing and then move into the cer­ti­fi­ca­tion process as we pre­pare to release a hot fix / patch for this issue,” Jar­rard added. “It’s a lit­tle too soon to give an ETA yet but please know our goal is to release this as soon as we can while ensur­ing it doesn’t have any oth­er unin­tend­ed impact to the retail prod­uct. It won’t be this week, but we hope it’s not too much fur­ther out and we’ll share an update as soon as we have line of sight on a release date (once we clear ‘cert’ we are then ready to ship).”

Jar­rad also acknowl­edged in the post that the team is aware of more than just the BTB prob­lems, includ­ing cheat­ing. A patch that tar­gets some of the cheat­ing issues, among oth­er things, is set to release in mid-February.

We are active­ly triag­ing and still work­ing to get as much as we can into this Feb update while still ensur­ing no neg­a­tive impacts or regres­sions to oth­er parts of the game,” Jar­rard said.

The stu­dio is focus­ing on BTB fix­es at the moment because of the “broad scope of impact on all players.”

Thank you for your patience and con­tin­ued sup­port. While we were blown away and hum­bled by the recep­tion and launch of Halo Infi­nite, we’ve got a lot to get after now as a live ser­vice stu­dio,” Jar­rard said. “We will con­tin­ue to make improve­ments and address feed­back every­where we can–though some things are going to take more time than many of you, and us, would like. Thank you–please keep the feed­back coming–we’re in this togeth­er with a great foun­da­tion to grow and evolve upon. Stay tuned for more details.”

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