Those look­ing for­ward to hear­ing more about Halo Infi­nite may not have to wait too much longer. Microsoft boss Joseph Stat­en has teased “glo­ri­ous” plans for a big reveal some­time this summer.

In a blog post, Stat­en stat­ed he under­stands that peo­ple are tired of lengthy posts about Halo Infi­nite, are are more inter­est­ed in see­ing new footage. It appears this could be hap­pen­ing rather soon. “The great news is that Sum­mer i.e., game indus­try event sea­son, is just around the corner–and there are glo­ri­ous plans afoot,” he teased.

Microsoft is an offi­cial part­ner for E3 2021’s dig­i­tal show, so it’s like­ly that Halo Infi­nite will show up there. Wher­ev­er it shows up, sum­mer is fast approach­ing and we’ll find out soon enough.

I wish all of you could see the incred­i­ble work that I have the priv­i­lege of play­ing every day. The same, intense com­mit­ment to mak­ing a game that you, Halo’s most ardent fans, will love to play, exists all across the team,” Stat­en said.

Multiplayer Sounds

The blog most­ly focused on Halo Infinite’s PC fea­tures, but also includ­ed a quote from mul­ti­play­er design­er Patrick Wren. He allud­ed to how Halo Infinite’s devel­op­ment is com­ing along, at least on the launch con­tent, going on to tease some new sounds for the mul­ti­play­er mode. Wren also teased that Halo Infinite’s mul­ti­play­er will have an announcer–Jeff Steitzer is returning–as well as Spar­tan chat­ter. There was also some­thing that was redact­ed from the blog post.

Dur­ing this part of devel­op­ment, every lit­tle detail real­ly comes togeth­er. I have been work­ing close­ly with our Audio and FX teams mak­ing sure all the mul­ti­play­er game mode events shine. When you cap­ture a Flag in Halo Infi­nite, every­one will know, and it will be an amaz­ing feel­ing,” Wren said. “We are using Sound and FX to give vital infor­ma­tion in new ways to allow play­ers to make more impact­ful deci­sions in a match. I am also work­ing very close­ly with Audio tun­ing our VO sys­tems to be the best yet. I am mak­ing sure our Announc­er, Spar­tan Chat­ter, and [Redact­ed] all work in tan­dem to deliv­er a super clear, but also immer­sive expe­ri­ence. You can see the promise of all these details through­out devel­op­ment but now it real­ly starts to become greater than the sum of its parts.”

Beta Tests Coming

Halo live pro­duc­er Same Han­shaw said in the post that 343 is cur­rent­ly hold­ing beta tests for Halo Infi­nite with a “very small exter­nal group rep­re­sent­ing a vari­ety of back­grounds.” Han­shaw said it’s been delight­ful to watch peo­ple from out­side the stu­dio play Halo Infi­nite for the first time. Han­shaw also teased that Halo Infi­nite pub­lic beta tests might be com­ing, so make sure to update your Halo Insid­er profile.

Halo Infinite News On The Way This Summer, Dev Teases Beta Plans

The feed­back we’ve been get­ting has been heart­en­ing in many areas, and impact­ful in oth­ers. See­ing a turn­around in opin­ion based on changes is tru­ly grat­i­fy­ing. Rest assured, now that we’ve got­ten our feet wet over the last cou­ple of months, we’re pro­gress­ing towards expand­ing playtest­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties as soon as we can, so keep those Halo Insid­er pro­files updated!”