Halo Infinite Lead Narrative Designer Leaves 343 Industries And Is Joining Riot Games

Halo Infinite’s lead nar­ra­tive design­er, Aaron Linde, announced he’s leav­ing 343 Indus­tries. Linde said on Twit­ter he is leav­ing to ““pur­sue a new oppor­tu­ni­ty.” This oppor­tu­ni­ty is now known to be a job a Riot Games–he’s join­ing the R&D team.

Linde stat­ed it was a “ter­rif­i­cal­ly dif­fi­cult deci­sion” to leave 343. “Halo Infi­nite will remain one of the proud­est achieve­ments of my career for the rest of my life. I’m so grate­ful to have been a part of it.”

Linde added: “I want to thank my dear col­leagues at 343 for mak­ing the best game I’ve ever worked on, our incred­i­ble voice cast for ele­vat­ing our work in every sin­gle line deliv­ery, and our play­ers for join­ing us on this wild-ass jour­ney. You made 2021 an incred­i­bly spe­cial year for me. I get squidgy talk­ing about real sh** on this stu­pid web­site [Twit­ter] so I’ll leave it at that for now. But I can’t under­score enough how grate­ful I am and always will be. See you next mission.”

Linde, the lead nar­ra­tive design­er, was in charge of a small team of writ­ers han­dling “all open world nar­ra­tive con­tent” in the game, accord­ing to his Linkedin page. Before halo, Linde was the lead writer on Gear­box’s Battleborn.

He then moved to Are­naNet to work on an unan­nounced project at the Guild Wars stu­dio. He then moved to Bungie onto bungie to become a senior writer on Des­tiny 2 before again mov­ing to 343 in 2019 on Halo Infinite.

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