Halo Infinite, Gears 5 Not Supporteed On Steam Deck

Microsoft has detailed which of its titles are com­pat­i­ble with Valve’s Steam Deck, with only a hand­ful of titles being unable to be played on the hand­held device, due to its anti-cheat software.

In a post on Steam, Microsoft explained that each devel­op­er in Xbox Games Stu­dios is respon­si­ble for ensur­ing the com­pat­i­bil­i­ty with the Steam Deck, but that pri­or­i­ties at these stu­dios might make this take longer than expect­ed. How­ev­er, many titles are already com­pat­i­ble, with a large amount hav­ing already been “Ver­i­fied” by Valve.

The fol­low­ing games have been Ver­i­fied for the Steam Deck:

  • Deathloop
  • Psy­cho­nauts 2
  • Hell­blade: Sen­u­a’s Sacrifice
  • The Evil Within
  • Fall­out Shelter
  • Prey
  • Bat­tle­toads
  • Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood

These games haven’t yet been Ver­i­fied by Valve direct­ly, but are cur­rent­ly playable:

  • Sea of Thieves
  • Fall­out 4
  • Forza Hori­zon 5
  • Forza Hori­zon 4
  • Quan­tum Break
  • State of Decay: Year One Sur­vival Edition

For the games that won’t be work­ing on the Steam Deck, it should­n’t be sur­pris­ing that issues with the anti-cheat sys­tems are the prob­lem. Halo Infi­nite and The Mas­ter Chief Col­lec­tion are both unsup­port­ed, along with Gears of War 5 and Microsoft­’s Flight Sim­u­la­tor. Microsoft has­n’t detailed what will hap­pen if you try to get these titles to work on SteamOS, but don’t try it with Des­tiny 2, as Bungie might ban you from playing.

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