Halo Infinite Developer Explains The Long Forge Delay, Says “It Will Be Worth The Wait”

Halo Infinite’s long-await­ed Forge mode, which allows play­ers to cre­ate all sorts of cus­tom con­tent, nev­er made it to the game’s launch last year. It’s like­ly still months out from a release. Devel­op­er 343 Indus­tries has now explained the delay in a lit­tle more detail, say­ing it was nec­es­sary to ensure the stu­dio reached its bench­mark for quality.

It broke our hearts to not be able to launch Forge along­side the rest of Infi­nite but to ensure it meets the bar we’re set­ting for it to achieve, this mas­sive over­haul to Forge in Infi­nite just was­n’t able to make it out before the end of last year,” 343 stat­ed in a blog post.

The new ver­sion of Forge will offer “anoth­er gen­er­a­tional leap for­ward” in its capa­bil­i­ties, the com­pa­ny teased, adding that it will con­tain “many of the com­mu­ni­ty’s high­ly request­ed features…”

Play­ers will be able to cre­ate “WAY more impres­sive and cre­ative game­play expe­ri­ences inside of Infi­nite,” by using the new Forge, 343 said.

Also in this post, 343 stat­ed Halo Infinite’s Forge mode will “grow and expand in capa­bil­i­ties” as time goes on with post-launch updates. The modes is com­ing some­time dur­ing Halo Infinite’s Sea­son 3, so that release is still a dis­tance away. Mem­bers of the Halo Insid­ers will get to try the mode first and pro­vide feed­back to 343. It will be worth the wait for our Forge com­mu­ni­ty and fans of the con­tent they are able to cre­ate!” the devel­op­er explained.

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