Halo Infinite BTB Patch May Be Coming Tomorrow, Shop Changes On The Way

Halo Infi­nite devel­op­er 343 Indus­tries has pro­vid­ed an update on Big Team Bat­tle’s ongo­ing issues and changes to the in-game store.

With­in a blog post, 343 said it was gath­er­ing teleme­try data from the Jan­u­ary 19th patch, and has now sent a patch in for cer­ti­fi­ca­tion for the mode in an attempt to whip it into shape. If the patch is approved, it will launch tomor­row at the earliest.

Big Team Bat­tle has been going through issues for quite some time, so if this patch prop­er­ly fix­es the mode, it would be much wel­come news.

As for the in-game shop adjust­ments, 343 start­ed off by say­ing it was mon­i­tor­ing feed­back about the recent release of indi­vid­ual items for sale. 343 Indus­tries also said it under­stands that peo­ple want the option to pur­chase the bun­dle or pieces of it sep­a­rate­ly. The store does­n’t cur­rent­ly allow this, but 343 is look­ing into how it can “bet­ter meet the needs and expec­ta­tions” when it comes to the shop.

Through the rest of Sea­son 1, our focus is to pro­vide a bet­ter offer­ing of indi­vid­ual items and bun­dles to help play­ers get the cus­tomiza­tion they would like with­out hav­ing to buy larg­er bun­dles,” 343 said.

The stu­dio acknowl­edged that Halo Infinite’s shop has not always been  “deliv­er­ing on val­ue, qual­i­ty, or price,” and they are work­ing on find­ing a good bal­ance. “The offers we are run­ning now, and will con­tin­ue to run through­out S1, are to help us learn what is work­ing and what’s not. This will take time, but we know that our learn­ings here will pos­i­tive­ly impact Sea­son 2 right off the bat,” 343 said.

There have also been some ques­tions about how and if pre­vi­ous bun­dles would return to the Shop, and right now we are look­ing at this on a bun­dle-by-bun­dle basis. Some bun­dles will come back into rota­tion and some will be bro­ken up to allow play­ers to pur­chase their indi­vid­ual items. We’ll have more info to share on this in the future.”

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