Halo Infinite Big Team Battle Fix Heading To Game Next Week

A hot­fix address­ing ongo­ing match­mak­ing issues relat­ed to Halo Infinite’s Big Team Bat­tle mode is sup­posed to arrive on Jan­u­ary 18th, accord­ing to the game’s devel­op­er 343 Indus­tries.

The patch com­plet­ed test­ing and is cur­rent­ly going through Xbox’s cer­ti­fi­ca­tion right now. Big Team Bat­tle has been suf­fer­ing from a num­ber of unplaya­bil­i­ty issues over the last few weeks due to match­mak­ing prob­lems that would cause play­ers to dis­con­nect or fail to load into the match. This issue is more severe for large groups.

As a thank you for play­ers wait­ing patient­ly for these prob­lems to resolved, 343 is giv­ing out five XP boosts and five chal­lenge swaps to all play­ers who log in fol­low­ing the release of next week’s hot­fix. The free items will be avail­able to claim for about a month.

343 Indus­tries has anoth­er patch com­ing in mid-Feb­ru­ary that will address oth­er issues, but 343 has­n’t dis­closed what the patch will include yet. They are also fid­dling with the micro­trans­ac­tions as well, which will be arriv­ing the same day as this hotfix.

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