Halo Infinite Beta — Big Team Battle And 4v4 Slayer Arriving Next

Microsoft unveiled more details about the next Halo Infi­nite beta test, and it appears it ‘s gong to be much larg­er than the first. As part of the August Devel­op­ment Update video, 343 Indus­tries live pro­duc­er Sam Han­shaw con­firmed the game’s next beta, or “flight.” will include Big Team Bat­tle and 4v4 PvP. This is major change from the pre­vi­ous test, which was main­ly lim­it­ed to match­es against bots.

The next Halo Infi­nite test will have the same con­tent, includ­ing the bots and the weapon drills tuto­r­i­al sys­tem, along with the Big Team Bat­tle and 4v4 Slay­er. How­ev­er, this is sub­ject to change. Addi­tion­al­ly, if you did­n’t get into the first beta test, you;re odds of get­ting into this one are a bit high­er, as Han­shaw con­firmed more invi­ta­tions are being sent out this time around.

Anoth­er big scale flight like this, with even more peo­ple invit­ed. We’re going to include the same con­tent we had this time–the bots, and the weapon drills–but we’re also tar­get­ing a full release of 4v4 PvP action and we want to go even big­ger and have Big Team Bat­tle,” Han­shaw said. “So, those are our tar­gets for the next flight to come.”

Of course, no details on when this sec­ond beta will begin were giv­en, but you can sign up for the Halo Insid­er pro­gram to try and get in.

Han­shaw also informed fans that Halo Infi­nite will get betas for new fea­tures after the game is offi­cial­ly launched. This will be sim­i­lar to how Halo: The Mas­ter Chief Col­lec­tion invites Halo Insid­ers to test new fea­tures and con­tent before they launch for everyone.

343 Indus­tries also announced that Halo Infi­nite won’t have Forge or cam­paign co-op at launch. Assas­si­na­tions will also be miss­ing at release, but might make an appear­ance lat­er on.

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