Halo 5 Is Not Heading To The PC, 343 Industries Says

The large Nvidia game leak includ­ed Halo 5: Guardians for PC, but 343 Indus­tries has offi­cial­ly con­firmed it isn’t plan­ning to release the game on PC.

Com­mu­ni­ty direc­tor Bri­an Jarred stat­ed on Twit­ter (via VGC) that Halo 5 might have been spot­ted in the leak because Halo 5’s Forge mode is avail­able on PC. How­ev­er, the full game is not com­ing to PC. “Maybe this was for H5: Forge but I can con­firm there are no plans to bring H5 to PC,” Jar­rard stat­ed. Nvidia did acknowl­edge that the list was made up of “spec­u­la­tive” games, as well as those that are already released.

Jar­rard added that 343 knows there is “some demand” with­in the Halo com­mu­ni­ty to bring Halo 5 to PC. As the stu­dio has said before, it’s just “not in the cards” because 343 is “ful­ly focused” on get­ting Halo Infi­nite out in Decem­ber. This is on top of the ongo­ing sup­port the devel­op­er has been brin­ing to Halo: The Mas­ter Chief Col­lec­tion. Jar­rard did say that it’s not com­plete­ly out of the realm of pos­si­bil­i­ty that Halo 5 might head to the PC some day.

Will nev­er say nev­er, but noth­ing under­way cur­rent­ly,” Jar­rard said.

Halo 5: Forge came to PC in 2016 as a free game, which includ­ed the full Forge map edi­tor and mul­ti­play­er sup­port for Cus­tom Games. How­ev­er, the game’s cam­paign and full mul­ti­play­er have not been released for PC

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