Pub­lish­er EA has been hacked by a group of unsa­vory char­ac­ters who stole 780GB of game data, accord­ing to a Moth­er­board report. The stolen data is sus­pect­ed to include FIFA 21 source code and tools from the Frost­bite engine, although EA states no play­er data was taken.

Accord­ing to this report, the hack­ers don’t just have access to FIFA 21 source code, but also the code for its match­mak­ing servers. Addi­tion­al­ly, this group also claims to have stolen pro­pri­etary EA frame­works and soft­ware devel­op­ment kits which stream­line the process of mak­ing games.

A source who has access to the forums where the hack­ers post­ed the stolen data, showed Moth­er­board the screen­shots of mes­sages writ­ten by the thieves, with one that read you have “full capa­bil­i­ty of exploit­ing on all EA ser­vices.” It appears that the hack­ers are attempt­ing to sell the data with­in the under­ground markets.

An EA spokesper­son said the com­pa­ny is aware of the breach and what infor­ma­tion was stolen. They also stat­ed that no play­er data was accessed and EA has “already made secu­ri­ty improve­ments” to pre­vent this prob­lem going forward.

We are inves­ti­gat­ing a recent inci­dent of intru­sion into our net­work where a lim­it­ed amount of game source code and relat­ed tools were stolen,” the spokesper­son said. “No play­er data was accessed, and we have no rea­son to believe there is any risk to play­er pri­va­cy. Fol­low­ing the inci­dent, we’ve already made secu­ri­ty improve­ments and do not expect an impact on our games or our busi­ness. We are active­ly work­ing with law enforce­ment offi­cials and oth­er experts as part of this ongo­ing crim­i­nal investigation.”

EA is not the only com­pa­ny to suf­fer at the hands of hack­ers. Cyber­punk 2077 devel­op­er CD Pro­jekt Red also had to deal with its own hack­ing issue ear­li­er this year. That crew of cul­prits snagged source code to sev­er­al of CDPR’s games before demand­ing a ransom.