H1Z1 PS4 Patch Live With EMP Grenades

Day­break Games has released a new patch for H1Z1 Bat­tle Royale on the PS4. This patch con­tains quite a few bug fix­es and final­ly brings EMP grenades to H1Z1 on the PS4. EMP grenades will explode and stop any near by cars for 20 sec­onds when thrown. They should real­ly help fix the demo­li­tion der­by that the end of every H1Z1 match turns in to. Check out the patch notes below.

  • EMP Grenades can now be found on the ground or in any of the Crates. These det­o­nate upon impact and will dis­able a car for 20 seconds.
  • Play­ers can now swap which slot their weapon is in.
  • Play­ers can now drop ammo for weapons that they are not carrying.
  • The vol­ume of vehi­cle engines has been slight­ly increased.
  • Added a HUD noti­fi­ca­tion for when Air Drops are about to occur.
  • Cleaned up the red dot sights for var­i­ous rifles.


  • Fixed a spe­cif­ic mem­o­ry leak that was caus­ing some of the client crashes.
  • Fixed an issue where play­ers could lose a weapon if they were already car­ry­ing 4 and attempt­ed to pick up or swap out for anoth­er one on the ground.
  • Fixed an issue where play­ers could get stuck exit­ing a match and going back into another.
  • Fixed a spe­cif­ic case where throw­ing a grenade could pre­vent play­ers from throw­ing anoth­er grenade or fir­ing a weapon.
  • Fixed a spe­cif­ic case where a play­er’s con­troller could lose input.
  • The One Shot, One Kill Dai­ly Chal­lenge can now be com­plet­ed as intended.
  • The Rook­ie, Skilled, Elite, and Excep­tion­al Team­work Chal­lenges can now be com­plet­ed as intended.
  • The 12th and final Tuto­r­i­al Chal­lenge can now be com­plet­ed as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where pick­ing up too many grenades could make one type disappear.
  • Removed addi­tion­al cloth­ing items that were still lin­ger­ing in loot bags.
  • The Pur­ple M9 and Preda­tor AR-15 will no longer dis­ap­pear when picked up.
  • The ship­ping con­tain­ers from Air Drops now dis­ap­pear upon landing.
  • Var­i­ous ani­ma­tion bug fixes.

Source: Day­break Games

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