GTA Trilogy Removed From PC Store Among Claims That “Holy Grail” Files Were Leaked

Rock­star’s GTA The Tril­o­gy — The Defin­i­tive Edi­tion, has been pulled from the Rock­star Games launch­er, which is the only place to buy the bun­dle for PC. The launch­er was also down for some time, but has since been restored.

Of course, GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas were tak­en off the dig­i­tal stores ahed of the Defin­i­tive Edi­tion’s release, so there’s no way to buy these games in on PC right now.

As first spot­ted by VGC, GTA fan Vadim M claims to have found the main.scm film with­in the Defin­i­tive Edi­tion’s code on PC. It’s being described as the “holy grail” for each title. The files may include cut con­tent and mes­sages from Rock­star North devel­op­ers. This would be a good rea­son for Rock­star to remove the bun­dle from the store.

Accord­ing to a report, if the GTA re-release does well, Rock­star would con­sid­er remas­ter­ing the orig­i­nal Red Dead Redemp­tion. Take-Two’s Karl Slatoff recent­ly out­lined the com­pa­ny’s posi­tion on remas­ters, say­ing it’s basi­cal­ly all about the money.

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