Rock­star Games released the lat­est addi­tions to GTA Online today, which is in full swing for the hol­i­day sea­son. Play­ers should expect new and old gear, includ­ing the Fire­work Launch­er, Elf mask, Mirth­ful Gin­ger­bread Hock­ey mask, Rein­deer Body­suit, and a free unlock for the new Kram­pus masks. Along with all the wear­able gear, GTA Online is also get­ting a new Adver­sary Mode, mul­ti­ple dis­counts, and a brand new vehicle.

Uber­ma­cht Sen­tinel Classic 

GTA Online Rolled Out Their "Festival Surprise" Today

This new vehi­cle addi­tion, as stat­ed by Rock­star, “is a no-non­sense, light­weight buck­et of speed you’ve been dream­ing about and it’s here to rock­et your ass back to the glo­ry days.” You can pur­chase yours exclu­sive­ly at South­ern San Andreas Super Autos.

Adver­sary: Occu­py Mode

GTA Online Rolled Out Their "Festival Surprise" Today

Occu­py is the newest addi­tion for Adver­sary Mode. To win, play­ers must cap­ture and hold Zones across the map, while the oppos­ing team attempts to take them from your team. Rock­star said “It’s also pret­ty impor­tant to know what you’re doing with a fly­ing attack bike” (that you can see in the top right cor­ner of the pic­ture), but to not let that dis­tract you from rack­ing up enough points fast enough to defeat the ene­my. Occu­py also has Dou­ble GTA$ and RP from now until Jan­u­ary 18th.

Holiday Discounts


  • Arca­dius Busi­ness Cen­ter – 30% off
  • Fort Zan­cu­do Hangar 3499 – 30% off

Lux­u­ry Vehicles

  • Yachts – 30% off (All models)
  • Pegas­si Zen­torno – 30% off

Assault Vehi­cles

  • Armored Karin Kuru­ma — 30% off (both Buy It Now & Trade price)
  • Nagasa­ki Buz­zard – 30% off
  • HVY Insur­gent – 30% off (both Buy It Now & Trade price)

Premium Race & Time Trial Schedule

Decem­ber 19th — 25th

  • Pre­mi­um Stunt Race - “H200” (Locked to Sports)
  • Time Tri­al - “Sawmill”

Decem­ber 26th — Jan­u­ary 1st

  • Pre­mi­um Stunt Race - “Dou­ble Loop” (Locked to Super)
  • Time Tri­al - “Cypress Flats”

Source: Rock­star