GTA Online: New Car, Adversary Mode & Independence Day Content

Rock­star tweet­ed today the many new addi­tions made to GTA Online. This includ­ed a new Super­car, a new Adver­sary Mode called Dawn Raid, and many Inde­pen­dence Day goodies.


This is the Dew­bauchee Vagn­er. As quot­ed: “it’s designed for one thing and one thing only: speed.” I’ve said enough.

GTA Online: New Car, Adversary Mode & Independence Day Content

New Adver­sary Mode: Dawn Raid

GTA Online: New Car, Adversary Mode & Independence Day Content

In this new mode, two teams of up to six para­chute into a com­bat zone in search of a trans­mit­ter hid­den inside of a pack­age. At night. Yes, that’s right, when the sun does­n’t shine. Your objec­tive is to find the pack­age and trans­port it to the evac­u­a­tion zone. You will not be with­out aid. Night and Ther­mal Vision Gog­gles will guide you through the dark, along with the Track­i­fy app that locates the cor­rect pack­age. Be care­ful though. The Track­i­fy app makes you vul­ner­a­ble to ene­my gun­fire. Earn Dou­ble GTA$ and RP in this new mode now through July 10th.

Spe­cial Bonus: Inde­pen­dence Day Content

There is a 25% dis­count on Fire­work launch­ers, clas­sic out­fits, the West­ern Sov­er­eign and the Lib­er­a­tor Mon­ster Truck, which were brought back to cel­e­brate July 4th. This dis­count will go on until July 10th. Plus this year also brings patri­ot­ic new liv­er­ies for your Mobile Oper­a­tion Cen­ter and Mk II weaponry.

GTA Online: New Car, Adversary Mode & Independence Day Content

To unlock the two tees above, just sim­ply log in to GTA Online any­where between now and July 10th.

Oth­er Discounts

  • The Pisces: 25% off
  • The Ori­on: 30% off
  • The Aquar­ius: 35% off
  • Yacht Mod­i­fi­ca­tions: 50% off
  • All Water­craft on Dock­tease: 25% off
  • Cun­ning Stunts Cloth­ing & Tat­toos: 25% off

Pre­mi­um Race and Time Trial 

June 30th — July 3rd

  • Pre­mi­um Race — “Spin­ner” (locked to Super)
  • Time Tri­al — “Fort Zancudo”

July 4th — July 10th 

  • Pre­mi­um Spe­cial Vehi­cle Race - Atmos­phere” (locked to Rock­et Voltic)
  • Time Tri­al — “Storm Drain” 

Source: Rock­star

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