GTA Online: Check Out the Latest Discounts and Double GTA$ & RP

Just announced by Rock­star on their Twit­ter account is anoth­er cou­ple of weeks of dis­counts and Dou­ble GTA$ and RP for Grand Theft Auto V’s Online. They have these back to back, and this week at least fea­tures yachts dis­counts, which they don’t do often. 

Spe­cial Vehi­cle Mis­sions will grant you Dou­ble GTA$ and RP today through June 12th. Also, any Bik­er Busi­ness Sales and Spe­cial Car­go Deliv­er­ies will bring in a 25% GTA% bonus.

GTA Online: Check Out the Latest Discounts and Double GTA$ & RP

You can look for­ward to get­ting dis­counts on big pur­chase items from War­stock, Dock­Tease, Dynasty 8 Exec­u­tive, Eli­tas, and Ammu-Nation. Some of those lux­u­ry items include Yachts, Exec­u­tive Offices and Spe­cial Vehi­cles. You can see the full list of items on dis­count below:

Dynasty 8 Executive

Comes with a full-time assis­tant, heli­pad, board­room and access to the SecuroServ net­work to steal and deal in a vari­ety of car­go missions.

  • Exec­u­tive Offices — 25% off
  • Exec­u­tive Office Garages & Garage Mod Shop — 25% off
  • Exec­u­tive Office Ren­o­va­tions (Garage Mod Shop includ­ed) — 50% off

War­stock Cache & Carry

Dis­counts apply to both Trade Price and Buy It Now pricing.

  • Imponte Ruin­er 2000 (both prices) — 25% off
  • Coil Rock­et Voltic (both prices) — 25% off
  • Rhi­no Tank — 25% off
  • HVY Insur­gent Pick-Up (both prices) — 25% off
  • Buck­ing­ham Valkyrie (both prices) — 25% off
  • Brute Armored Boxville (both prices) — 25% off


Yachts come com­plete with staff and ameni­ties like anti-air defens­es, com­pli­men­ta­ry per­son­al water­craft, and heli­copter ser­vice to the Yacht for a small fee.

  • Yachts (all mod­els & mod­el upgrades) — 25% off
  • Yacht Mod­i­fi­ca­tions — 50% off

Eli­tas Travel

Shine above the Los San­tos skies with sol­id gold aircraft.

  • Lux­or Deluxe — 50% off
  • Swift Deluxe — 50% off


  • Body Armor — 25% off
  • All Ammo — 25% off
  • Box/Drum Mag­a­zines — 50% off
  • Lux­u­ry Fin­ish­es — 50% off

Pre­mi­um Race & Time Tri­al Schedule

Steeple­chase” and “Del Per­ro Pier” are cur­rent­ly the Pre­mi­um Race and Time Tri­al. May 30th — June 5th a sec­ond set of races will open with:

  • Pre­mi­um Spe­cial Vehi­cle Race — “Ascent” (locked to the Rock­et Voltic)
  • Time Tri­al — “Obser­va­to­ry”
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