Obsid­i­an’s shrunk­en-per­son sur­vival game Ground­ed will no longer get fre­quent updates. The devel­op­er con­firmed instead of releas­ing small­er con­tent drops, they want to move to larg­er drops.

Obsid­i­an did clar­i­fy their rea­son­ing for doing larg­er and slight­ly less fre­quent updates mov­ing for­ward” on the game’s offi­cial web­site. The stu­dio stat­ed main­tain­ing a month­ly con­tent sched­ule while tak­ing on big­ger tasks is dif­fi­cult with a small team. Because of this, Obsid­i­an is focus­ing on “larg­er fea­tures that take time.” This shift gives the stu­dio the space to work on devel­op­ing “more mean­ing­ful [updates] with more and bet­ter content.”

The next update for Ground­ed is set to release on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in late June. Obsid­i­an said it’s “one of [the] largest yet” for the title. They also out­lined some of the changes com­ing with this update.

It will allow play­ers to flip assets like stair­cas­es to mir­rored ver­sions, spawn large food items more fre­quent­ly, and adds an enhanced TAYZ.T defense vari­ant called ARC.R. The June update will include new fea­tures for Pho­to mode and intro­duces new build­ing pieces.