Obsid­i­an has released an update for their sur­vival game Ground­ed, address­ing a num­ber of prob­lems across all platforms–some which were raised by the com­mu­ni­ty. The 0.8.1 update is out now for Xbox one, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

For starters, bases built on cer­tain objects will no longer be con­sid­ered “Unsup­port­ed” when load­ing, and caus­ing them to col­lapse when mod­i­fied. Play­ers will also notice ranged and melee attacks reg­is­ter more as they should. There will also be less lag and hitch­ing when look­ing in large bases.

Addi­tion­al­ly, any back­packs that fall through the world will even­tu­al­ly resync with you. Out­side of the com­mu­ni­ty requests, Obsid­i­an also fixed sev­er­al oth­er issues, like the “Weed Killer Peak” quest not show­ing up in the right place, and being able to place stuffed insects on furniture.

You can see the full set of patch notes below:

Grounded Bug Fixes


  • Bases built on cer­tain objects will no longer be con­sid­ered “Unsup­port­ed” on load, and will not col­lapse after being modified.
  • Clients will no longer ran­dom­ly fail to reg­is­ter melee and ranged attacks.
  • Reduced lag/hitching when look­ing at build­ings in large bases.
  • Back­packs that fall through the world for clients will even­tu­al­ly resync back to the cor­rect host position.


  • The Trail Mark­er for the BURG.L Quest: “Weed Killer Peak” will now be in the cor­rect loca­tion if it already exist­ed in your world.


  • Stuffed insects can once again be placed on furniture.


  • Bees aren’t as clum­sy around flow­ers and thus will drop pollen less often.


  • Hoop’s hair and oth­er dan­gling pieces on chest armor should behave more appro­pri­ate­ly in Pho­to Mode.


  • Ham­mer build icons are now includ­ed in the “Tog­gle Trail Mark­er and Back­pack Icons” action.
  • The breath meter and the “Eat/Drink or Die” warn­ing ele­ments no longer get stuck on screen after respawning.
  • The “[Type] Tool Required” warn­ing no longer over­laps the har­vest resource name on the HUD.


  • Revert­ed the new day base music changes back to the night music to con­tin­ue work on this for a future update.

Source: Obsid­i­an