Gran Turismo 7 Patch Adjusts The In-Game Economy

Gran Tur­is­mo 7 just received a decent sized update, which has added new events, as well as rebal­ances the in-game economy.

Fans crit­i­cized the game for a recent patch that sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduced pay­outs for races, with devel­op­er Polypho­ny Dig­i­tal address­ing the issue in March by promis­ing to make Gran Tur­is­mo 7 more reward­ing for the play­ers. The lat­est patch over­hauls the game’e econ­o­my, increas­ing rac­ing rewards for sev­er­al World Cir­cuit, Arcade, and Cus­tom races, along with an increase to the pay­out for the Dai­ly Race modes.

With this, the max­i­mum cap for in-game cred­its has been raised to 100 mil­lion Cr. Even more con­tent has also been added, such as the World Tour­ing Car 600 Tokyo Express­way East Clock­wise, World Tour­ing Car 700 24 Heures du Mans Rac­ing Cir­cuit, and the World Tour­ing Car 800 Sar­den­ga Track A.

Tweaks were also made to a num­ber of car physics, race tracks, and graph­i­cal fea­tures. AI oppo­nents have a fight­ing chance now after chang­ing tires dur­ing a wet weath­er event, while the image qual­i­ty of smoke in race pho­tos has been improved, and the Good­wood track will be more lenient on play­ers when they cut the white line.

You can check out the full patch below, as seen on the Gran Tur­is­mo 7 web­site:

Gran Turismo 7 — Update 1.11

Improve­ments and Adjustments

1.World Cir­cuits
- The amount of rewards for events in the lat­ter half of the World Cir­cuit has been increased.
- New race events have been added to the World Cir­cuit. The new events are as fol­lows:
 ・World Tour­ing Car 600 Tokyo Express­way East Clock­wise
 ・World Tour­ing Car 700 24 Heures du Mans Rac­ing Cir­cuit
 ・World Tour­ing Car 800 Sardeg­na Road Track A
- Adjust­ed the rewards for Arcade races and Cus­tom Races

2.Circuit Expe­ri­ence
- Rewards are now pro­vid­ed when clear­ing all lay­outs of cir­cuits in Gold or Bronze results. If you have already achieved these results, going into the sec­tor selec­tion screen and exit­ing with the Exit but­ton will award the prize.

3.Lobby / Sports Mode
- The amount of rewards in Lob­bies and Dai­ly Races has been increased.
- Cor­rect­ed an issue where spec­tat­ing while entered in a race in the Lob­by did not allow you to switch to the spec­ta­tor cam­era.
- Changed the Nations Cup and Man­u­fac­tur­er Cup so that the Hel­met thumb­nail spe­cif­ic to the cham­pi­onship is dis­played.
- When the room mode is set to ‘Practice/Endurance Race’, adjust­ed the fin­ish tim­ing when the course set­ting is set to ‘Time lim­it’.
- Changed the cam­era move­ments before races start in Dai­ly Races when the start­ing method is set to Formation.

- Added ‘The Human Com­e­dy’ to Mis­sions, con­tain­ing 1‑hour endurance races. ‘The Human Com­e­dy’ will become playable when the player’s Collector’s Lev­el is 23. Each endurance race event will award up to 1.2 mil­lion Cr. per event.
- Race infor­ma­tion such as the Start­ing Grid, num­ber of laps or time lim­it, start­ing method, etc. are now dis­played in the Race event Quick Menu of Mis­sions.
- Best records for time lim­it events and Friend Rank­ing Records are now saved and dis­played in the for­mat of [Ranking/Number of Laps]
- Rank­ings have been reset for the fol­low­ing Time Lim­it events*
 ・Gone With the Wind — High Speed Ring 30 min.
 ・The Sun Also Ris­es — Le Mans 24 min.
 ・The Sun Also Ris­es — Bathurst Gr. 3 Battle

*Already exist­ing best records will only dis­play the ‘Rank­ing’. Once the same or bet­ter result record has been set, it will be saved in the for­mat of ‘Ranking/Number of laps’. For Friend Rank­ings, if a Bronze or bet­ter result is set, it will be saved even if the result is low­er than the best record.

5.Game Pro­gres­sion
- Raised the max­i­mum cap for earned in-game cred­its to 100 mil­lion Cr.
- New ‘Invi­ta­tions’ received here­after will have a time lim­it of 30 days, instead of 14 days.

6.Used Cars / Leg­endary Cars
- The num­ber of cars list­ed in the line­up at the same time is now increased.

- Maz­da RX‑7 GT‑X (FC) ’90: Cor­rect­ed the posi­tion and shape of the roll cage installed in ‘GT Auto’.
- Toy­ota Sprint­er Trueno 1600GT APEX (S.Shigeno Ver­sion): Cor­rect­ed a part of the rear wheel design.

8.Livery Edi­tor
- Cor­rect­ed liv­ery dis­play issues for the fol­low­ing cars. If the car you are cur­rent­ly using is sub­ject to this, it will be fixed when you go to [GT Auto] -> [Car Cus­tomiza­tion] -> [Save Style]
 ・Sub­aru WRX Gr.B Road Car
 ・Fer­rari F430 ’06
 ・Fer­rari F8 Trib­u­to ’19

9. Car Physics Sim­u­la­tion
- Improved physics when land­ing from a jump, main­ly on dirt tracks.
- Cor­rect­ed an issue where the val­ue of the vehi­cle speed dis­played on the speedome­ter of oth­er play­ers in online races some­times dif­fered from the actu­al vehi­cle speed.
- Cor­rect­ed an issue where after-fire would not stop dur­ing cer­tain oper­a­tions after tun­ing the muf­fler of a Toy­ota Prius G ’09 and Toy­ota Aqua S ’11.

10.Car Set­tings
- Changed the anti-lag sys­tem set­ting from ON/OFF to 3 set­tings, OFF/Weak/Strong.
- Cor­rect­ed an issue where if you open the car set­tings after select­ing a part in the Tun­ing Shop but can­celling with­out pur­chas­ing it, it would blank out the cre­at­ed set­ting sheet name and the set­tings would be reset.

- Cor­rect­ed an issue where time penal­ties were not being issued prop­er­ly when short dis­tance short cuts were made or suc­ces­sive short cuts were made.
- Cor­rect­ed an issue where a penal­ty would always be issued for cut­ting the white line at Good­wood.
- Adjust­ed the pit stop start­ing posi­tion for the Day­tona Inter­na­tion­al Speed­way tri-oval.

12.Custom Races
- Changed so that Bal­ance of Per­for­mance (BoP) set­ting can be turned on/off when the player’s cars are Gr.1, Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.4, and Gr.B categories.

13.Rival Cars (AI)
- Cor­rect­ed an issue where rival cars that changed to rain tires in wet con­di­tion races after a pit stop would have slow accel­er­a­tion com­ing out of the pits.
- In online races, applied mea­sures for some cars start­ing ear­li­er or lat­er dur­ing a rolling start due to net­work issues.

- Improved the image qual­i­ty of smoke in Race Pho­tos
- Cor­rect­ed an issue where debris dur­ing crash­es while in cock­pit view would enter inside of the car.
- Cor­rect­ed the graph­ics draw­ing of smoke when seen through car windows

- Until now, the con­trol menu appeared using any but­ton on the con­troller, but this has been changed so that it will now only appear when using the con­firm and can­cel buttons.

- Music will now be played back in Sur­round Sound when the audio out­put mode is set to ‘7.1 ch Sur­round’ out­put.
 ・On PlayStation®4, this play­back will apply when the con­nect­ed device is 5.1 ch or 7.1 ch com­pat­i­ble and the ‘Audio Out­put Mode’ in ‘Options’ is set to ‘7.1 Sur­round’.
 ・On PlayStation®5 this play­back will apply when the con­nect­ed device is 5.1 h or 7.1 ch com­pat­i­ble and the ‘HDMI Device Type’ on the con­sole is set to ‘AV Ampli­fi­er’, and the ‘Num­ber of Chan­nels’ is set to ‘5.1 ch’ or ‘7.1 ch’.
- Added [Music Replay Vol­ume Bal­ance] and [Music Replay Mas­ter Vol­ume] options to the Sound Vol­ume and the replay options for the Music Replay Play­back.
- The Music Replay Options can now be closed with the can­cel button.

- Changed so that [Dis­play Demon­stra­tion Ghost] set­ting inside [Ghost Set­tings] is dis­played only in Licens­es and the Cir­cuit Expe­ri­ence.
- Added a [Tem­po­rary Expo­sure Set­ting] to the Quick Menu set­tings. The [Tem­po­rary Expo­sure Set­tings] allows you to tem­porar­i­ly adjust the bright­ness of the screen in races. Exit­ing the quick menu will return the game to the orig­i­nal expo­sure setting.

18.Car Col­lec­tion
- Added 3 new fea­tures for mov­ing the cur­sor.
 ・The △ but­ton will now move the cur­sor to your cur­rent car.
 ・The L2 but­ton or R2 will move the cur­sor to the next car already acquired.
 ・The □ but­ton will move the cur­sor to cars with ‘NEW’ labels.

19.GT Auto
- Uni­fied the bright­ness of replace­ment light bulbs under [GT Auto] > [Cus­tomize Cars] > [Oth­er Parts] > [Light­bulb]

- Cor­rect­ed the text for the tro­phy ‘Wheely Good Fun’ to ‘Bought 10 sets of wheels at GT AUTO

21.Title Screen
- Divid­ed the thumb­nail image and title text of news so that they are dis­played separately.

22.Steering Con­trollers
- Allo­cat­ed fea­tures to extra but­tons that become avail­able when attach­ing replace­ment wheels such as the Fanatec Club Sport Steer­ing Wheel For­mu­la V2 on the Fanatec GT DD Pro*.
 ・Assigned the upper right / left pad­dles on the Fanatec Podi­um Advanced Pad­dle Mod­ule to turn sig­nals
 ・Assigned the left/right tog­gle switch to MFD tog­gle and change fea­tures
 ・Assigned the ana­log stick to head turn­ing
* Extra but­ton assign­ment is only avail­able when the com­pat­i­ble steer­ing wheel is attached.
- When attach­ing a replace­ment steer­ing wheel such as the Fanatec Club­Sport Steer­ing Wheel For­mu­la V2 on the Fanatec CSL Elite and Fanatec Podi­um, changed the ‘MFD Change’ func­tion assigned to both left and right tog­gle switch­es so that the left tog­gle switch is assigned to the ‘Switch MFD’ fea­ture.
- Var­i­ous oth­er issues have been addressed.

Thank you for your con­tin­ued sup­port and please con­tin­ue to enjoy Gran Tur­is­mo 7!

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